July 13, 2024


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Residential or Commercial – Which is Better Property Investment in Gurgaon?

“Which is better investment in Gurgaon properties, residential or commercial?” Being a property consultant in the region, I have been confronting this query from the chunk of my clientele. Often it may leave you in perplexity as it happened when my boyhood pal Simon quizzed me the other day during his visit of me at my residence at DLF Phase IV. This conundrum kept my confused and my chubby chum was bemused. Well, it is a medley of varying factors that determine which property is better. In a primary residential locale, say DLF I or II, the scope for a luxury residential unit is better than a commercial one. On the other hand, in the prime commercial location of the city, residential premises are less attractive. This is a locality-wise parameter. There are also other deciding factors to be reckoned with while selecting property units in Gurgaon.

While you consider whether residential or commercial is better property investment in Gurgaon, time factor also is to be considered. For instance, during the recent recession and the resultant slump in the Gurgaon real estate market, commercial properties in the city were in a downward trend. Also, luxury apartment and villas also had less demand during the period. But middle and lower level residential units did not show much fluctuation in price. Also, it is estimated that in the coming years there will be a higher demand for middle-income-level residential units. This is due to the better pay-scale in the Government sector and a growing corporate sector in the region. Further, non-resident Indians who have been working in the Middle East return in big numbers due to the fall out of recession.

Thus the analysis as to whether residential or commercial property in Gurgaon,is the better investment,would reveal that both commercial and residential properties are good investment options in the region. It is a matter of time and locality that determine which is better at a particular place and time. Further, the city is in a great expansion phase and new areas have been acquired and are under development. In the new locations, the prospective investor should make intelligent assessments as to the spots where landmark developments would take place and make investments accordingly. For example, if there is provision for a public transport terminal or any point where regular public gathering is expected, investment in suitable commercial units will be ideal. Similarly, in the suburban sector investment in residential sector for villas and club houses would be more viable than investment in commercial projects.