June 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

Relocating to Acton California

Located in Los Angeles County close to Antelope Valley and in the beautiful Sierra Pelona mountains. Acton has a population of 2473 as of the 2007 local census. The average household income is around $90,000 per year and recent new home loans average 590,000. Average rent is around $1800 per month.

Schools are in the Acton Agua Dulce School District include Meadowlark Elementary, High Desert Middle School and Vasquez High School.

Beginning as a ranching and farming community, Acton Real Estate is generally in 5 to 10 acre plots as development has increased in recent years due to urban flight. These rural homes and homesites are in great demand due to the stunning views overlooking the 12 mile wide Antelope Valley. One acre tracts sell for around $75,000 and ranch homes on 5 to 10 acres can sell for $200,000 to well over $500,000.

The environment is typical semi arid with some slightly elevated hilly areas and some rock outcroppings. The main vegetation is low growing chaparral, sage scrub, yucca with some scrub oak and juniper. A very beautiful area in general with an “old west” feel for the area. The elevation is 2720 feet above sea level with a overall rural land area of 4.6 square miles which has approximately 533 people per square mile.

In the winter, generally the valley floor will be free of snow, but Acton will have snow. The summers are definitely cooler than down in Antelope Valley.

In conclusion: If you are tired of city living and would like a more relaxed lifestyle, a move to Acton California should be considered. Simply take a drive down the scenic Highway 14.