July 20, 2024


Mad about real estate

Reasons to Become a Real Estate Agent

Real estate can be a very lucrative career, but it takes hard work, perseverance, and a little luck along the way. Many people join the real estate field because of the potential for great wealth and because of the relative ease of getting a license. Before I explain why you should become I real Estate agent, I first want to touch on a few negatives of being a Realtor. The main drawbacks to becoming a realtor is that it is very expensive, frustrating, and can be very stressful. When getting into this exciting career of real estate, I was warned that 70{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} of agents are out of the business within a year. I do not know how realistic that statistic is, but it is obvious that there is a high turnover rate in this business. Too much money goes out and not enough money comes in.
There are many reasons that real estate may be a great vocation for you. First and foremost, the harder you work the more money you will make. For most of you this is not the case for your profession. You are either on salary or you are getting paid hourly. No matter how hard you work, you still make the same amount of money and often times your hard work is overlooked. Now you do need to produce enough so that you are not fired, but there is never that incentive to work very hard. In real estate this is the opposite. I wrote earlier about the high turnover in real estate, but that is mainly do to the fact that they were not hard enough workers.
If you are willing to work hard and are excited about getting paid by the amount of work you put in, this could be the right profession for you. Second, how many of you are not able to set your own schedule? A great perk about being a realtor is that you can set your own schedule. Just last week I was able to take a few days off, and another agent was able to cover for me. How often do you wake up and think, if only I could sleep one more hour? As a real estate agent we have the flexibility to sleep in and get to work a little later if that fits our needs. Now there are many times that I work past 5:00p.m but there are days where I would rather sleep in and work a little later than be exhausted all day. Do you ever feel the same way?
The potential income is another benefit of being a realtor. I wrote earlier about how the harder you work the more money that you can make, but I didn’t talk about how much money you can make. The location of where you are going to work is going to play a major role in how much money you make, but there is potential to make a seven figure income. Now a seven figure income will not come easily and you will likely be working 60-80 hours a week, but it is possible if you are willing to take the time, energy and expenses to get there. Finally, if you enjoy working with others and enjoy fulfilling other people’s needs this could be your dream job. Everyday is spent making contacts with clients, prospecting, and getting in front of others. You will be the person they are looking for when they need advice about buying or selling their home, and they will appreciate all the hard work that you give them. Real Estate provides a vocation that has unlimited potential for income, a profession that allows you to make more money if you work harder, a very flexible schedule, and a chance to make a difference with many people. So if this is something that you are looking for, begin your exciting career in real estate.