May 19, 2024


Mad about real estate

Realtors: How to Work With Investors That Purchase Multiple Properties

We are currently in a market with tough lending guidelines, and a high number of foreclosures. It is tougher for the average person to purchase a home, meaning Realtors have to work harder than ever to find qualified clients. This is the very reason I have chosen to spend much of my time working with investors. Let’s talk about a few of the potential advantages of having investors as clients.

First, most investors will be well qualified, or even have cash available, making the purchase easier. Next, investors generally look for properties based on certain numbers, saving you the time of having to drive them around to find a house they “fall in love” with. And of course we can’t forget that most investors buy multiple properties, and may use you as their buyer’s agent as well as a listing agent to help them sell the property.

Before attempting to get new clients, it is critical that you learn as much as you can about investing. Even if you are unfamiliar with the details of investing, by reading the right books you can get a good feeling for what your potential clients are trying to offer.

After you feel comfortable talking about real estate investing, it is time to start looking for your new clients. There are several ways to find investors. One of the easiest is to look for ads in your local paper, or even signs in the neighborhood that investors have put out. Try to get your foot in the door that way. There are also multiple advertising campaigns you can run that are extremely effective. Starting with the Internet, you can post free ads in many different places. Just remember that with advertising, persistence pays off!

You can get some great ideas from some of the Realtor marketing and lead generation courses that are available, as well as checking out the real estate prospecting books at your local bookstore.