June 21, 2024


Mad about real estate

Realtor Marketing Tips on Listing Presentations, Prospecting and on Goals

Keep them short!

The longer your appearance goes the weaker it gets. A short, focused appearance will speak volumes for you. The longer a list presentation takes, the worse it gets. The realtor begins to promise more and more in marketing and advertising to procure the listing. The commission charge tends to decrease and the listing cost tends to increase. This leads to longer marketing, less profit, or ultimately an expired listing.

Consider you are a real estate agent, not a sensation worker. If what your prospect wants is possible, then look to see if you can provide the service. It is better to say No, Thanks and Goodbye.

Often recall your old client database!

The more and more you keep in touch with your old clients, your job will become much easier. If you don’t have such things, you risk the chance that you are sending them the message that they were just another transaction and didn’t mean much more to you. That could be a very expensive message. Consider old clients as one of your “farms” So you better keep in touch with them.

Ensure the good Buyers from the Liars!

We have all found ourselves on the short end of the stick when it comes to running with consumers. We spend a few weeks working with a buyer only to find out later on they are not qualified to buy, ready to buy or even willing to buy. We might suddenly get a call from them letting us know they bought from another real estate agent as out for a walk. Also you keep in mind that you never work without a Buyer Agency Agreement.

Fix referral Seeds in early!

Plant such seeds very early in your relationship with your customers so that you can harvest on later days on as they see you more and more convey with your services. Why are you waiting until the transaction is complete to ask for referrals? Referral business reduces your sales operating cost and sales cycle. When the transaction is complete, ensure that your Realtor closing gifts are making referrals.

Referrals can build your level of fulfilled clients. The cycle self perpetuates with more satisfied customers referring others to you. Knowledge and proficiency do count. When you trying to cut corners to save very few dollars, you generally get what you pay for. So keep your mind of your own value and worth.