May 29, 2024


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Realtor Marketing Ideas That Will Shock You

Tips for Realtor Marketing

A essential question, as a part of your Realtor marketing budget, is, “Do you take listing photos personally or do you hire a pro photographer”?

You have no clue about the negative comments prospects are muttering about your home’s pics when they are online.

Do you have any clue on the number of buyers who are missing your listing because of the pics? How much faster do you think you’d sell that home if you used pro photography in your Realtor marketing?

I’ve done it myself; captured what I thought were great listing pictures and used them for my on-line MLS listing.Even listing clients I served said they were awesome and I thought so too until I took an agent position in WA a while back.

In any given month, I’d have over 75 different clients and they’d all tell me their disgust about the photos they saw on-line for the houses we were viewing.In terms of the selling agent’s Realtor marketing, I could tell from the enormous amount of buyer clients I had, that Realtor needed to step up their Realtor marketing with better photography.

We’d step inside and they’d question if it was the same home they saw online. They felt cheated because the pics were not like the real home.

It all came down to the listing photos they viewed on-line. Realtor marketing practices need to include the photography too.

It’s easy, if you take “really good” photos of the home your listing and post those on the mls, buyers will flock. But put up a ton of junky, dim, angled pictures and you won’t get a single showing.

Even when the listing photos were better than the actual house, guess what? You still had a buyer walk through the house. The obvious way to selling that house is having as many buyers walk through as possible, right? Professional real estate pics makes that happen.

Almost all the buyers searching for a home will make their decision to see the inside on how good your photos is when they see it on the MLS or another website.

If you did use the well invested marketing bucks on some professional real estate photography…

You could have more satisfied clients because the home sold quicker.There wouldn’t be any fretting about losing commission because you had to reduce the list price from a stale listing.

Think about your brand and reputation and the public will flock to you when they hear from your clients how fast their home went.

After all those benefits to increasing your income, are you really going to try and skimp on the few bucks for a real photographer? It’s easy, it’s a Realtor marketing technique that is critical. And real estate photography is one of the best methods you can spend your Realtor marketing bucks on.

Want some options?An easy choice is to hire a regular photographer for a few bucks and have them spend 30 mins. capturing some awesome listing pictures. You don’t want to be lazy when you’re picking this photographer, they have to get the point of what you’re using them to do. You don’t want to pay for real estate photography that’s no better than your own.

If you’re in a major metro area, try looking up as an alternative.

Their business is listing pics for realtors!

Here’s the cool thing about, they let you set up everything online, which includes the appointment, how many pics you want, what quality, if you want extra photos, if they need to use special equiptment for rainy conditions, etc.

Have a listing that hasn’t been remodeled since the 40’s? These Vicaso guys can truly make it look like a million bucks when you see their pictures.

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