April 18, 2024


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Real State Myths: The Preston Ely Scam

Preston Ely has become popular in the real estate business in Florida. This young and dynamic maverick in the real estate business has developed trade strategies to profit from real estate with small to almost no risk and small to no cash at all for investment. Preston Ely has established his education firm, the Real Freedom Inc., which provides different courses to teach people how to look for wholesale houses fast amidst the recession and the competitive demands of the housing market. There are some who spreads about the Preston Ely scam campaign. However, there are pointers about Preston Ely’s strategies that could really be worth following.

The Preston Ely scam -is it true?

Let’s take a look into his main product – the Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom in e-book format. A version of this “fool-proof” real estate strategy guide is called as Learn to Wholesale. Basically, this e-book is a short and no-nonsense e-book guide that provides with a sneak peak of Ely Preston’s strategies to what it seems like to be a genuine real estate trade capital. This e-book summaries the real estate trade process including a step by step plan to really enable you to purchase your dream home within a month with a money back guarantee.

A new course entitle Probates by Preston Ely was so popular and really took real estate industry in gaga. This has been the talk of the real estate business for years since probates are very lucrative yet often taken for granted in looking for inspired real estate agents.
This course guides anyone on how to buy estates and homes using only probates, which are often less reasonable than housing foreclosures since the recipients of the estate could really own the estate.

The Preston Ely scam is just part of the myth. Those who are determined to invest in real estate could follow his strategies that are fool-proof and are backed up with different testimonials and proof from thousands of his clients. The dynamism and energy of Preston Ely comes through with the uniqueness of what he is talking about. Being dynamic is very influential, which is a great asset is for any real estate broker or investor who really needs guidance.

You can further learn more about Preston Ely by browsing through independent consumer reports, which includes negative comments and alleged downsides. Before investing into his products, you should look for varied reviews to understand and have a clear insight about this real estate product.