April 14, 2024


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Real Estate Sales Training – Five Proven Techniques To Get More Real Estate Listings

Today’s vendors call an average of three real estate professionals before they list their home. You face serious competition for the best listings. If you want to all the real estate listings you can, you need to call on lots of potential vendors and when you get to meet with them, you need to have an edge over your competitors.

One of the gripes vendors have against Realtors is that many offer the same old listing service. Come out with a few comps, get the listing, put up a sign, throw it on the Multiple Listing Service and maybe try a few open houses. Then the vendor hears very little until there is a showing or sale. Our real estate sales training offers ideas for advantages and exclusive programs that you can offer prospective vendors that will give you an advantage over the same old listing procedures. Here are a few examples:

Google Local Pay Per Click

You can use Google Pay Per Click campaigns to generate local interest. Local ads cost very little but provide you with an exclusive advantage you can offer a homeowner over your competitors for a listing. A very small investment will get the home on the front page of Google and other search engines when people search for similar homes in the area.

You Tube Home Tour

Take a video of the home and edit it down into a nice video tour. Then, you can post it for free on YouTube and many other video hosting sites. These sites get lots of hits and it is very possible you will generate good leads for your vendor. best of all, it is an additional marketing tool that takes very little time to do but one that may sway the homeowner to list with you since you are not offering the same old song to get the listing.

Automated Phone Calls

There are several good voice broadcasting services available to make calls automatically for you. You can call thousands of people and tell them about your listing, about open houses and more. If you use these packages it allows you to offer your vendor a powerful service that your competitors probably do not offer and one that will help in selling the property.

Email Reports

Vendors want to know what is happening throughout the sale. In your listing presentation, let the vendor know that you stay in touch by email every time you do any promotion on their property and every time there is a showing with a complete report on the reaction of the potential buyers as well as any comments on the property by other real estate agents.

Let Them Know You Respect Their Property

Vendors give listings to agents who stand out in terms of respecting their property. Let them know that you investigate everyone who asks for an appointment to show before one is given. Let them know that you provide paper booties at the door for open houses and you will protect their home. Let them know that you stop by after every showing (for vacant properties) to make sure the doors and windows are locked and everything is set as it should be.

These are just a few of the exclusive advantages you can offer to vendors who list with you. Stop offering the same old, same old and you will be able to get many more listings.