July 13, 2024


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Real Estate Relocation? Moving Home, Kids and School

The big move…Okay, that would be ANY move! It all begins innocently enough. You start looking at homes on the Internet, then in the Sunday paper;  you might even stop by an Open House or a New Home Development.

Suddenly, the bug has you! It’s time to buy the next home! If you have children, the schools will play a big role in how well your family fares. And if you don’t have children, you should know that the schools also play a big role in how your home’s equity will do over time. There is a symbiotic relationship between the enviable equity gain in neighborhoods that are served by good schools, and good schools created by strong neighborhoods. A wonderful exchange.

For those of you with children, you are probably of the mindset that you want the BEST schools for YOUR KIDS, whether they be public or private schools.

TIP: You may find it easier to learn about the schools before shopping for your next home.  Doing so, will keep your homes shopping trips in a well defined area. Doing so will also keep you from falling in love with a home that is in the wrong school district. How will you choose your next home as it relates to your children’s school?  My suggestion is to hire a Realtor that is school savvy. How do you find one?  Just ask the Realtor what they specialize in-a school specialist is what you are looking for.

Then, jump right in. Your Realtor should be able to guide you to the right resources, much of it online.  As you know, each child is different; yours may be a bookworm, an athlete, or a drama queen/king…maybe you have one of each! You know better than anyone else does, what you expect your schools to provide for your kids, so do the research on your own as well. Use the Internet, speak with other parents, check out the schools individual web site.

Be hands on! Did you know that you can even get a guided tour of the school?  Many schools have  parents that volunteer and specilize in the school tour. These volunteers will give you a great overview of the school, you can choose to do this with or without your children present. Call the school you are interested in and if they offer it, get yourself on the schedule! Continue with area research on various recreational activities and their availability.  What works well for one family’s set of values, may not work well for your family at all. Ever.

Checking out the schools should be a relatively easy task. It’s not though. Not in Charlotte NC. The Charlotte Mecklenburg School system is the largest in the state of North Carolina. The tools to search on line, are readily available, but a bit overwhelming with 172 public schools and more schools being added to the list each year.

The scores are not readily available on your new schools, as they arrive in arrears. Call your local Realtor,  talk to them about their knowledge of the schools. Share your needs with them, what your family is all about. We all have our special niches. In the Charlotte real estate market, mine happens to be the schools.