July 13, 2024


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Real Estate Marketing Tools – 24/7 Lead Generators

When it comes to real estate marketing tools advertising may be the single most important factor in generating sales. The number of people going online is growing, which means that the internet is fast becoming the billboard of many real estate agents.

Visibility online is akin to being able to give your business card to everyone who comes across your online marketing pieces; ads, web site pages, real estate articles, etc. In the end the greater your online presence the more business you’ll generate.

Using online advertising in your arsenal of real estate marketing tools can be even more effective if you put in details of what you have to offer to potential clients. Information that is useful to them, like real estate listings, mortgage financing, house payment calculators, and the like can pique the interest of a prospective buyer to get them to visit your site.

Credit Card Marketing Reports – Mining Prospects Where They Go

Here’s an example that’s a little outside the box. There are easily a million or more people every month going online and searching for credit card related information. A resourceful agent can diversify his income and lead stream by placing credit card marketing reports information on his web site and channelling some of those searchers to his web site.

Almost everybody needs credit to buy real estate, and most can benefit from information that helps them to manage it. So, agents providing this information are connecting with potential buyers where they look for information. If you want prospects you need to go where they go…not where you want them to be.

Farming Expired Listings – When Old Scool and New Scool Marketing Converges

There are old-school real estate marketing tools to use as well, which are still effective and can be combined with online advertising to further generate sales.

Take Farming Expired Listing Systems, for example. By adding a 24/7 hotline number to your ad materials (letters, flyers, ads, post cards, etc) people can call you up at their convenience to get additional information whenever they want it.

You can choose to use automated call systems, or voice mail systems where those interested in your services can leave you a message. Multiple numbers in different ads will also let you know of your ad’s effectiveness in each of your real estate marketing tools.

There are several available products that will let you have one main number, but multiple extensions for the many different listings you may want to advertise.

But if you want to step things up a notch or two and have your callers speak with live operators to handle their inquiries you can always outsource this part of your business. Related companies are willing to take on your needs at competitive prices, with payment dependent on what works best for you.

Versatile real estate marketing tools like these give you greater flexibility in providing excellent customer service. You will generate more sales and referrals when customers feel valued.

In closing, depending on what you feel is best suited for your business, real estate marketing tools can be adjusted to your specifications, and you can always track your performance with them. Productive tools can help you stay competitive and rise to the top of the real estate industry.