May 20, 2024


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Real Estate Marketing Slogans; a Brand of One

Real Estate Marketing slogans arouses interest in your audience and can be the vehicle that helps establish your “name brand” and invigorate your real estate career.

A good, well crafted slogan can propel your business in quantum leaps, while a poorly considered one can be as effective as none at all. Real estate marketing slogans can work equally well online and offline, but they must be good enough to appeal to mass, targeted audiences.

Consequently, agents work hard and long for the right words to coin the right phrases, for the perfect slogans. After all, their slogans may be powerful or aspiring enough to define their careers.

Realtor Alert! Real estate marketing slogans don’t have to be over intellectualized to create huge “brand names.” Catchy and clever works every time.

For example, Century 21, ERA, & Coldwell Banker are national and/or regional real estate companies whose corporate names serve as their “real estate marketing slogans”. Examples of some gigantic, non-real estate companies are Xerox, IBM, Pepsi and Coke.

Successful Realtors know the importance of using real estate marketing slogans to create “name brands”, but when conjuring up a slogan for yourself why not something as simple as your name.

If Mike, Bill and Hillary can pull it off you can, too. Of Course you know who I mean, which epitomizes the power of a name.

Creating A Slogan!

Now, I can go to the yellow pages, write down a bunch of real estate marketing slogans and throw a bunch of them at you to jump start your creative juices, but you can do that yourself.

A more constructive approach in creating your own slogan is to make a list of 10 slogans that reflect who you are, what niche real estate market you want to be known for, and your interests and personality in general.

Use the yellow Real Estate Agents section of your local yellow pages to get ideas, then strive for phrases that uniquely characterize you.

Imagine being the Madonna, or “leave the driving to us” of the real estate industry.

Is it possible? Absolutely, but you’ll have to create a slogan first! Then you’ll need to use and publicize it every opportunity you get; in your ads, on your business cards, letter head, website, vanity car tag, etc.

Don’t expect instant success right out of the gate. It’ll take a while, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a year or so. And if you have a real estate marketing system that reaches a minimum of 10 prospects a day the numbers can quickly add up in your favor.

10 contacts a day x 20 days a month = 200 contacts a month

200 contacts a month x 12 months a year = 2,400

contacts a year

Without too much effort you can passively market your slogan to a minimum of 2,400 prospects a year.

I wonder what impact having your marketing slogan on your car would have?

No matter where you live, or what market you’re in you’re missing out on massive amounts of free marketing if you don’t have a car tag of some kind advertising the fact that you’re a Realtor.

And what about advertising your slogan through the penny, nickel and dime publications? Think cheap advertising, high visibility, and lots of readers of your slogan to drive business opportunities your way.

So, create your own unique, real estate marketing slogan; then publicize it heavily; freely and/or inexpensively, but heavily.

Can you see the impact that this might have on your real estate marketing results? I can!