May 29, 2024


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Real Estate Jobs in Dubai

Real estate development in Dubai has been nothing less than phenomenal in the last decade. The industry has grown remarkably and the growth of real estate jobs in Dubai has been nothing less than exceptional too. The major real estate and property development companies in the world have set shop in Dubai to display their prowess. There is no dearth of extraordinary architectural marvels and buildings with breathtaking designs in Dubai. Also, the property market in Dubai is a honey pot for investors across the globe. It has become the hub of international property investors who have reaped rich benefits in the skyrocketing prices of Dubai property.

With so many expatriates moving into Dubai and the city becoming the centre of international attraction, the population of Dubai is set to double in the next decade. This is bound to create more demand for real estate and property in Dubai. Also, the kind of world-class infrastructure and the facilities that Dubai boasts of, it is an ideal career destination for many expatriates. There are lucrative jobs in almost all sectors including Construction, Real Estate, IT, Banking, Hospitality, Oil & Gas etc. For all the reasons mentioned above, the boom in real estate jobs has been extra-ordinary.

The property laws in Dubai are such that they allow free hold purchase of property in the city. This means that foreigners can buy land in Dubai on a freehold ownership basis and is free to sell, lease or rent out the property as and when they want. In some specific designated areas of Dubai, this ownership comes with a three year renewable residence visa for the owner of the property. Thus, all this makes for a very conducive atmosphere for property market to flourish in Dubai. This has also led to a creation of many jobs in the same field in Dubai.

There are jobs in the real estate industry in Dubai on all levels- junior, middle and senior management. Qualified civil engineers, architects, and professionals with know-how of the international real estate industry and preferably with an experience with prestigious property development and construction companies stand a good chance of getting hired in Dubai real estate market. There are regular vacancies from top firms advertised in newspapers, job websites and even the sites of these companies. The major real estate companies in Dubai would include Emaar Properties, Al Nakheel Properties, Damac Properties, Saba Properties, Dubai Properties, Diamond Investments, ETA Star Properties, Bonyan Emirates, Oryx Apartments, Fbi Property Development Company,

Omniyat Properties, Union Properties besides many others.

These companies are on a constant look-out for people with knowledge and experience of the industry. Especially if you have the vision and creativity required to build wonders, you will be very-well accepted in the real estate market of Dubai. The downside of working in the infrastructure or real estate jobs is that once the project gets over, the requirement for base staff dwindles. However, this is not true for the managerial staff. Also, with companies that have massive projects in hand, there is enough job guarantee for many years to come. There would always be new projects entrusted to them and qualified and skilled staff will be required.

To be able to do a job in the real estate sector in Dubai, you would require a sponsor in the city. Generally, your employer will become the sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for all the immigration formalities and for your conduct while staying in Dubai. Most likely, there would be a PRO in the company that you get a job with that will look after all these formalities after you have been hired.

Working in Dubai and living in the city can be a life-time experience with the kind of facilities that the city has to offer and the kind of money that the jobs here have to offer. These two advantages have made Dubai the dream career destination of most foreign workers. Since there are no personal taxes levied on the salary, all you earn is for you to keep. Many expatriates come to work in Dubai to make life-time savings. The added advantage is that they also get to experience a lifestyle that is world-class. The people are friendly and hospitable and with so much foreign population, there is a healthy mix of interesting experiences that await you in Dubai.