July 13, 2024


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Real Estate Investors: Sending Letters to Find Private Lenders

You can follow up on your postcard campaign by sending a compelling letter to the high net worth list you obtained for your marketing campaign. You can also send the letter to people who have actually responded to your post cards.

Remember that the letter you send must speak directly to the interests of your mailing list. If you already did your homework on the mailing list during your postcard campaign then you are all set to go on this step.

From here we will assume that your mailing list is highly targeted to high net worth individuals who are interested in investing in real estate, and not a general audience where it will be difficult to evoke a response to your service.

Tips on Writing Effective Letters for Private Lenders

Create Information on Your Audience: Use an index card to create statements about your private lending audience. Provide answers to questions like, “What are their interests?” or “What are their specific interests when it comes to investing?” Again, you can obtain this information from your mailing list provider.

Keep the information that you jot down on the index card to refer back to as you are writing your letter to your prospects.

Make a List of Benefits: Create a list of benefits that your services will offer to your potential private lender along with information about what is in it for them.

Ask Yourself Some Questions: Understanding your audience also begins with asking yourself some questions about your potential private lenders. How much do you know about the private lending prospects that are on your mailing list? What are their challenges and what are they looking to achieve? Do they have any fears about investing? If so, try to identify some of those fears so you can address the problem in your letter.

It is questions like these that help you get inside the mind of your potential private lenders so you can compose a letter that speaks directly to their interests and concerns when it comes to real estate investment.

Create an Objective: Clearly identify what the objective of the letter is and then write your letter according to that objective. An objective means the action that you want your prospect to take, whether it be to call you or attend a seminar or something else.

Write Your Letter: What you have done up to this point is create the framework for composing your letter to potential private lenders. You now have a pretty good idea about your audience and your objective, so now you want to start composing the letter that directly speaks to these elements.

Do not attempt to compose your letter unless you have accomplished the steps in the order described. Proceeding without these steps will mean your efforts will most likely be wasted because your letter will fail to specifically address the concerns of your audience.

Although this is not a comprehensive tutorial, it will at least give you some basic pointers on how to write an effective marketing letter for potential private lenders. If you Google real estate copywriting tips, this will lead you to entire online library of tips and strategies for writing an effective letter for marketing your services in the real estate investment niche.