June 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

Real Estate Investing: The Importance Of Using Scripts When Creating Voice Mail Messages

When creating effective voice mail messages I use scripts. I’ve always used scripts. I think it’s a great way to go. Sometimes they’re hard to develop, but once they are you can just kind of use that when you go through and deliver your message.

The point here and the power of this is let’s say you spend three hours of your day developing your script, but it’s done and you never have to do it again. That voice mail recording can last you years if your phone number doesn’t change, your email doesn’t change, or whatever information stays the same. That voice mail system can sit there for years and years and years. It saves you the time from having to deliver that voice mail over and over again, so it’s an incredible time saver.

It actually provides you with a lot of information in terms of marketing, and I think it improves your image too. If you really do it well, I think it will improve your image quite a bit.

Scripts for Motivated Real Estate Sellers

My initial intro is only 20-30 seconds. Then my message to potential motivated sellers is probably 2-1/2 minutes. It’s almost three pages single spaced, so it’s fairly significant. It goes through all the advantages of doing business with me.

This is just the beginning. You would develop this for your sellers. Then you would maybe go to Box 200, 201, 202 or whatever – that’s my system. I go up another 100 each time – and I would then do it for potential buyers of your properties if you’ve already bought some properties and you want to try to sell them or rent them.

You could then develop a voice recorded message describing the property and all the great features and maybe you’ve rehabbed it. You’ve painted it, you put carpet in, so you describe all of that, and the sales price, and if they want more information to call you at whatever number, or leave a voice mail with their phone number. Again, why go through all of that information 15 times when you can do it once? That’s the power of voice mail systems that cost about $25 – $30 month.

Scripts for Rentals

If you want, you can then do it for rentals. It’s the same concept that we use every single day. You would provide again a short 1 or 2 minute message about your property, the price, all that, and then what happens is everybody who’s not interested will weed themselves out. They’re going to eliminate themselves so you don’t need to talk to them. The people that are interested leave their name and phone number.

Our experience is that we get a fair number of calls. I get 150-200 calls a week. We find about 1/3 leave a voice mail with name and number. Probably 2/3 of the people that call do not leave names and numbers. I don’t really know what it’s 1/3 and 2/3. It’s not even really that important.

Particularly with rentals, I do see people calling multiple boxes. They’ll call every single box. They want to hear about every property. Maybe they’re not interested, but we do get about 1/3 of the people that leave some information. That’s just my experience.