May 19, 2024


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Real estate investing in New York City-North Jersey

Investing in New York City and North Jersey real estate is not an easy task.  Especially if you do not have enough knowledge and skill on how it works. What you need to do is to know how investing works in NYC and NJ before business.

There are many ways on how to prepare yourself on how to effectively invest. You can attend seminars which will truly be helpful, knowing for a fact that you can meet lots of successful investors through seminars and they can share with you their experiences. Through their experiences, you can obtain knowledge and strategies as well on how you can handle the business properly and successfully.

Reading is helpful too. There are lots of books about investing that you can read and look into. Indeed, through these books, you will obtain more and more information, knowledge and strategies that can help you be armed in real estate investing.  Be creative, combine multiples strategies you read on different books, remember this is NYC you need to think outside the box.

Through the internet, you can also get lots of information and knowledge. You can read and look into lots of articles regarding the New York and New Jersey areas; you can get tips, strategies and advices. Make sure to mingle with local REI Clubs. With all of these, you will get a lot that can make you be armed as you enter the investing world.

As in any new business, and yes real estate investing is a business, you will need the help of  individuals who can assist you in: finding the perfect property, attorney to review all of your contracts, title company duly to work on both states, a good contractor for repairs evaluations, inspectors, and finally you need to decide if  you will flip using a realtor or FSBO, if a realtor is your prefer method, you have to hire the service of a good agent, one who is knowledgeable and skilled to make sure that he/she can help you.

Now you need to understand that because is cheap it doesn’t mean is a good deal.  Don’t just get the first property that you, the realtor or an individual find. Make sure to be firm on your criteria only looks at properties that matches your criteria. Understand real estate investing is a numbers game, don’t be surprise if your first offer will not be accepted even on this market. Submit as many offers as you can, of course with the intension of closing on then, flip or wholesale then.

New York City and North Jersey are the toughest cities to become a real estate investor and as we New Yorker says “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.  As long as you take the process correctly and right property, you will be able to get the success that you desire in becoming a real estate investor.