April 23, 2024


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Real Estate – How to Find a Good Tenant Or Renter

Having a good tenant for your property, which can be a flat, bungalow, or shop is always beneficial. A few of those benefits are – you get rent on time, you get the electricity bill on time, you get the water bill on time, and you get the maintenance charges on time. But, the main problem for most of the people is how to find a trustworthy and reliable tenant for his property. For example, you are an owner of a flat that you want to give on rent to get a continuous amount of money in your hand. Here, the question is how can you make it possible without any issues after putting your flat on rent. Following are the tips that can help you search a consistent tenant:

  1. Decide that to whom you want to give your flat on rent. You can have a family, a group of college students, or a group of working guys as tenant. Now, the choice is yours. Depending on your choice, you have to advertise your flat for a tenant. For example, you decided to have a group of working guys as your tenant then you can contact with local property dealer / agent who deals in rental services and / or can take help of websites. Advertising your property online is the best way to get working people as tenant because most of the working guys first search over internet for an accommodation.
  2. Determine the rental amount and number of guys who can share the flat.
  3. Prepare a list of the documents / requirements that the tenants must provide you. For example, you can ask them for – a fixed security amount, rent agreement, their work details along with the contact details of their employers, and their photos along with a photocopy of their identity cards (e.G. Driving license, voter id card, employee id, etc.), which you must verify from original documents.
  4. If you want something specific related to your flat’s maintenance and rent then you must tell all those facts to them so that there will be no arguments / issues occur later on. For example, you can tell them that you want rent on the 10th of every month and there should be no delay.

If you clear all points before giving your flat on rent then you will be having good and consistent renter for your flat. I hope the tips mentioned above are helpful for you.