June 24, 2024


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Real Estate Buyer Lead – Set It And Forget It Web Site Marketing

Sometimes a simple approach can be a powerful real estate buyer lead generator. Take real estate web sites for instance. Although more realtor agents have web sites than ever before, few maximize their lead generating capabilities.

For example, woefully few online marketers, Realtors included, generate more than 500 site visitors a day. Heck, most would be happy with 200-300 visitors, let alone 500.

Of course they want more visitors, but inexplicably don’t implement even the easiest lead generating strategies that can help them increase their web site popularity.

Three Sure-fire Web Site Traffic Generation Strategies

One. Populate your web site with lots of real estate marketing articles and reports. Content is the carrot that attracts surfers and search engines. And if the content is sticky enough, meaning that people enjoy reading what you provide,they’ll keep returning to read more.

Search engines will interpret this as popularity and reward you by giving you higher search engine rankings, which increases the number of people who will visit your web site.

In turn, this activity will generate some organic growth whereby other web site owners will discover the content on your site, recognize it for the resource that it is and link to it.

However, your site needs to be 200 – 500 pages large to even think about generating the quantity and quality of leads that you want in order to boos your income. Fortunately, if you don’t have the time to write that many articles, or the money to pay someone to do it for you, pre-written real estate articles and reports is a way to go.

Two. Place an-opt in form on your web site. An opt in form will enable you to capture the contact information of people visiting your web site in exchange for a newsletter, special reports, or some other freebie that you give away that is perceived as high value and desirable to have.

You can take the same pre-written real estate articles and reports mentioned above and repackage them as special reports. You can also use them as articles for a newsletter that you should start if you don’t already have one. In fact, an article can be the newsletter. Remember – simple can be effective, too!

Three. Follow up with your prospects. Regular follow up with them builds rapport and strengthens relationships, so that when they are ready to make real estate transactions you’ll be their agent of choice. And you do this with a sequential autoresponder.

A sequential autoresponder is just what the name suggests, an automatic email message system that sends out messages programmed to be delivered on days and times of your choosing.

For example, you could have one of the aforementioned buyer reports scheduled to go out once a week. That would be 52 contacts a year with hardly any effort at all. And once you set up the autoresponder for one prospect the work is done for all of the other leads to follow, whether it’s 10 or 10,000.

Can you se how this powerful three step real estate buyer lead generation model can boost your business? I can.