December 10, 2023


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Real Estate Agent Tips for Staging Your House for a Faster Sale

When you are trying to sell your house in a market where most of the other houses for sale look like yours, the key to a quick sale is creating an emotional connection with the potential buyers. One of the easiest ways to do this is stage the house like it were a model home, stripping away all the personality you created and giving the new buyer a blank slate to work with.

Here are some helpful tips for staging your house provided by your local real estate Olathe KS agent.

Making the Colors of the Rooms Forgettable

Think opposite when you are trying to sell your house and get a buyer emotionally invested. Your listing agent will explain to you if the colors of each room are bright and unique, the buyers will be focused on the colors and not the house. They will be thinking to themselves about how they need to redo your child’s bright pink bedroom rather than imagining that room being their home gym room.

The goal here is to allow the potential buyer to imagine living in your house in their minds, not wasting energy trying to not imagine your pink or brightly colored rooms. Invest a few dollars in neutral color paints and give the rooms a fresh new look.

Removing the Personality Inside the House

Over the years, you have given the house a unique personality by way of all the items that reflect you and your family. Drawings on the refrigerator, pictures on the walls and mantle, and personal effects on the dressers or bookshelves. The buyers will be walking through your house and seeing those images of your wedding, honeymoon, graduation, family trips, and it takes away their focus on the bigger picture.

Take down all your personal effects, they must get boxed eventually, and go for the clean and polished look.

Moving the Clutter to Storage

The last thing your realtor will tell you is to start boxing and moving to storage anything you can live without for the rest of the year. Clear off the kitchen countertops of unused accessories, empty closets of clothes not worn in a year, and get all those bulky items from the attic, shed, garage, and basement, boxed and to storage. The goal here is making the house clutter-free.

The potential buyers are going to look in every cabinet, closet, and room, best to empty them now and give the buyer the impression the house has more than enough space to handle everything that they need to move.

Staging the house accomplishes two things. You will give the buyers a way to emotionally connect with your house, so they remember it above all the others they have looked at, and you get a head start on the packing that you will eventually have to do when the house sells. This is a win-win situation, so follow the advice and experience of your listing agent and take advantage of their experience and the knowledge of their real estate brokerage.