June 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

Pursuing a Real Estate Career in a Market of Uncertainty: Good Idea or Bad?

The real estate market in the United States today is a controversial subject, ranking up there with banking institutions, health care, unemployment and politics.

Normally one might think this field may not be the best career move being the housing market is quite unstable, however, let’s ponder that thought for a moment. If the real estate market is unstable, chances are people in the industry, real estate agents to be more specific, are looking to change their line of work because they can’t take the pressure of waiting and waiting for the commissions checks because there is a ton of inventory and the competition is tough.

But someone that comes in with a clear vision, the right attitude and mindset, may see this as a huge opportunity to make an excellent salary. The reason for this is simple. If there are homes on the market  and plenty of them, that means those homes need a buyer in order to close.

If the savvy new agent gets themselves out there in the public as soon as possible, starting to brand themselves, they could have buyers in no time!

To a real estate agent the closing is their pay day and if there is no closing there is no pay so a savvy realtor would have to have a few strategies and a business plan of attack and stick with it.

Some things someone wanting to get into real estate now would be:

  • Educate themselves on the local market conditions in the area they want to work
  • Check for area real estate schools and research their curriculum, pricing and course session times
  • Interview with several real estate offices in your area. Don’t get enrolled in real estate classes until you talk to the real estate brokers first. Some brokers will pay for your schooling and if they don’t offer it to you, ask. Perhaps they can give you discount.
  • Make sure once you decide to make this career change you commit to it and take it seriously, jump on any training courses your new real estate office is providing and have your business strategy in place out of the gate

Being prepared in this housing market or any housing market will only better your results and place you miles ahead of the other agents that have not taken advantage of the opportunity.