June 19, 2024


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Protecting Your Homestead Property Against Liens & Judgments

Today, most residential homeowners do not realize that they do not have a “legal status” of homestead on their Home.

Some states have homestead exemption(s) and homestead benefits but very few people have failed to realize that they must first “proclaim” their home as their homestead in order to be entitled to such benefits.

Currently, the states that have the the best homestead protection limits are Florida and then Texas but few homeowners have failed to legally establish their homestead status and receive their entitled protection pursuant to that state’s constitution. HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION does NOT protect your home!

The one of the worst courses of action that any homeowner can do, is download one of those “cheap, cookie cutter” homestead forms online, without having an in-depth knowledge of the homestead laws and their limitations and/or how it may affect them, specifically.

Never, Never, Never buy a generic form over the internet unless you thoroughly understand the Homestead laws of your state and you can defend the meaning and purpose of that form, in a court of law. This is highly ill-advised and probably one of the Worse Action that you can possibly do. Buying a cheap and very in-expensive Homestead form “product” from the internet (normal cost: $25-50), instead of purchasing a valuable “service”. This is very poor form of asset protection and estate planning. Your residential Home is your greatest financial asset that you & your family own – Do not become “cheap and/or thrifty” when it coming to protecting your home. Remember, the old wise saying, “You get what you pay for !” – there is much truth in that

The biggest misconception is that homeowners “assumes” that Homestead exemption protects their residential home… IT DOES NOT!

You have to protect your greatest asset – Your home against any possible future litigation and claims that can be attached against your home unless several specific self-executing procedures are completed and filed in their entirely.

We are proud to announce the expansion Homestead Services of Florida to others states and launching of our website for our revolutionary home protection service.


What is exactly is “Homestead Services of Florida”?

What we do:

We offer Maximum Protection for your Florida Home against the all non-equity Judgments, Liens, Attachments, Lawsuits from lienors.

What liens or judgments are considered “non-equity”?

medical bills, credit cards, child support, nursing home,

judgement from lawsuits, etc.

What liens or judgments are considered “Equity”?

1) mortgage

2) Real Estate taxes

3) Assessment or maintenance fees (condo, villa, deed restricted)

4) construction or mechanics liens

Unfortunately most of us would agree, is that our legal system has run amuck and is out of control. With over 19,000,000 lawsuits filed annually generating over $135,000,000,000 billion dollars in court costs and legal fees, against individuals and companies. These numbers have consistently increased from year to year and continue to dramatically increase by surpassing the previous years totals.

Most consumers today feel that we are currently living in a “Sue-Crazy” society. Statistically speaking, a person has a three times (3X) greater risk of being legally sued in a court of law then being admitted into a hospital for an accident or sickness.

It is essential that individuals and business owners protect themselves against this realistic possibility.One of the most valuable financial assets that an individual can own today, is their Home.

If you have money, attorneys want it !!

Every time a new lawsuit is filed, it becomes a “Declaration of War”. The Attorneys are fighting to take away the assets of anyone that they can drag into their case. Just because you may never have had a legal issue yet doesn’t mean your safe by any means. Even if you have to defend yourself, it may cost you thousands of un-recoupable dollars in legal fees. You should always prepare your defensive systems. The Only way You can win this War is to have your affairs in order BEFORE a lawsuit is served against you.

Example in my state of Florida:

The Biggest Myth “assumed” by most Florida Homeowners is that they believe and have falsely assumed, that Florida Homestead Exemption protects their homestead property – It Legally Does Not!



Florida homeowner says “But I receive my Homestead Exemption every year? Yes, this maybe true BUT this does NOT legally protect your Homestead property! Homestead Exemption’s primary purpose is for your annual $25,000 discount from Ad Valorem (Real Estate) taxes of your assessed value of your Florida home.

Do you realize that any person, lawyer, company, government agency, code enforcement board, or any entity can place a claim of lien against your Home at any time, for any reason, without cause or notification?

Florida laws states that you do not even have to be legally notified if a lien is placed against your home! Judgments and liens can stay enforced against your homestead property for between 14 years and 20 years depending on the year is was filed!

Ignorance of the law is not a legal defensive in a court of law! We help in assisting the Florida Homeowner in exercising their legal rights in providing maximum protection while shielding their most valuable asset, their Florida Home.

By utilizing our unique professional services through the use of legal documentation, filing and recording system -We can shield your Florida Home from the majority of Judgments, Liens, Attachments, lawsuits and litigation which is typically the first asset that most judgment liens are filed against.

But without our valuable services your home is 100{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} financially and completely exposed to frivolous and/or bona fide Liens, judgments, Attachments and is NOT protected under the full protection of the Florida Constitution and Florida Homestead laws as you have incorrectly assumed.

Once a judgment, lien or encumbrance is attached against your Florida home, whether a frivolous or legitimate claim, then you can do only 1 of 3 things:

Hire an attorney and Contest their claim in court – very expensive

Pay their Claim – very expensive.

Use Homestead Services to make their claim Legally Unenforceable without the expense of hiring an attorney – not expensive.

Call us or send us an email and protect your Florida Home today!