June 18, 2024


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Prestige Group: Plots in Bangalore

Prestige Group is a premier real estate construction company honored with people’s trust and credited with transforming the skyline of Bangalore, we at Prestige constantly strive for perfection. The ultimate aim is to exceed your expectations. A proof of our efforts – we are the only builders to get a reaffirmation of the Crisil DA1 rating; we have also become an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. We are also the only builders in Bangalore whose software and residential facilities have won the reputed FIABCI award.

Prestige Estates Projects (P) Ltd. is synonymous with quality and style. Considered one of the best real estate developers of Bangalore, we justly deserve our laurels. The Prestige Group has always believed in giving more than the best to their customers. In keeping with this philosophy, the group believes in maintaining the high quality of their projects even after the buildings have been handed over to their clients. With this end in mind we have set up a business entity that takes care of all Prestige properties post completion.
Prestige Property Management and Services was established as a separate business activity of the Prestige Group in 1996. The Prestige Property Management & Services team consists of professional and motivated staff spread over various properties developed by the Prestige Group. It has the highest number of employees under the Prestige Group, amounting to an 800 strong work force. Prestige, in fact, can be credited to be the first builders to come up with a dedicated work force specially assigned for post construction care.

Today the users ask for not just space but also aesthetics and building efficiency. In this respect builders nowadays are creating intelligent homes, those that seem to be tailor made to meet consumers’ requirements at all points of time. Another important factor that builders have to keep in mind is that today’s needs are spread over a wide spectrum. On one hand it is about safety, automation for speed and efficiency and an integration of all building systems under a centralized control system to ensure the smooth functioning of all in-house facilities. On the other hand, in this age of anti-pollution and green peace drives there is a requirement for houses to be environment friendly.

The Property Management team consists of highly skilled workers who are specially trained to maintain the impeccable standards that are the hallmark of all Prestige developments. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we make sure that all aspects of the properties we handle are in mint condition and that all the said and unsaid needs of the inmates of the buildings are met.

The team is committed to deliver professional building management and services using ultra modern technology to cover the following aspects to the best satisfaction of the customer:
• Safe and secure premises
• Clean and pleasing environment
• Hassle free upkeep and maintenance
• Civil and electrical maintenance of the property
• Landscape and garden maintenance
• Swimming pool and health club
• Facility management

The real challenge for the Property Management team lies in customizing their maintenance processes to suit the varying needs of the diverse range of developments that Prestige creates – be it a high rise complex housing MNCs, residential apartments with beautifully landscaped grounds, sprawling luxurious villas or shopping malls of international standards.

We were the undisputed stars of the Independence Day Horticultural Show organized by the Mysore Horticultural Society. The breathtaking landscapes that are an inevitable accompaniment of all Prestige properties lived up to their reputation by winning a plethora of awards. This is ample recognition of the dedication and good work done by the Property Management and Services team. It is small wonder then, that this team is one of the most sought after in their field in Bangalore, setting standards in world class property care.


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing: Prestige Property Management & Services offers MEP Services for home and office spaces which will include regular daily operation and maintenance of all system like power supply, operation and maintenance of diesel generators, elevators, UPS, HVAC systems, pumps, motors, water and sewage system. We have standard operating procedure and operational plans to ensure preventive maintenance schedules (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, maintenance of check lists), predictive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, spares planning, emergency procedures and liaisoning.

Civil Maintenance: Prestige Property Management & Services have qualified and well experienced engineers and supervisors to ensure routine maintenance of both commercial and residential buildings. In addition, we undertake annual and periodical maintenance of the buildings to ensure the value of the property is appreciated.

Security: In the present day context, security of work place and residential complexes is very important and it is essential to have a professional agency handling all matters of security. We, in Prestige Property Management & Services, have a professional set up to cover all aspects of security relating to our properties. We have experienced professional executives and staff to ensure the same.

House Keeping: We give housekeeping services great importance since a clean workplace enhances the clients esteem and improve the work culture. We offer specialized products and services related to the care and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings. We are also trading in latest maintenance, cleaning and solution systems such as suction cleaners, floor care equipments etc. We have a team of experienced professionals to achieve our goal. Personal attention is also given to our employees keeping in mind their health, hygiene and safe working conditions.

Landscape & Garden: We have a team of professionally trained horticulturists and gardeners to maintain all landscape and gardens in both commercial and residential properties developed by us. We use eco-friendly organic manure for maintaining our gardens.

Pest Control: Pest control is a continuous process which needs careful planning and implementation. The control strategies include residual spraying for the control of mosquitoes, spiders, spot treatment for house flies, cockroaches. Breeding sites like manholes, drains, etc., are also treated. Rodent control is ensured by way of trapping and baiting. We use most advanced public health pesticides which are environmental and human friendly with low toxic hazards, with no offensive smell for pest control.

Swimming Pool & Health Club: We in Prestige Property Management & Services undertake maintenance of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water bodies and health club by professionally trained staff.

For more details visit the site: https://www.prestigeconstructions.com/