May 29, 2024


Mad about real estate

Poof! Manifestation Made Easy

I love it when things go my way! Don’t you? Isn’t it great when you make a wish and it comes true?

Well, the Law of Attraction dictates that what you wish for will come to you–but you have to hold your mouth just right. Or something like that. I know that for many people the LoA remains a mystery.

I won’t get into a whole lecture on that, but I do have a fun story to share about it. Recently, I have been making plans to move. I’ve been thinking about my dream house, which I designed several years ago. That house has appeared in reality in the town where I want to live… but that’s another story.

This is a story about what will go into the house. I was thinking about the loft that will be in the house, and how I want to furnish it. I just like to play with such things. The loft will be the library, lined with bookshelves on either side, with two chairs and reading lamps under the window in the back. In the front of the room, next to the hallway, I want a game table with chairs.

I’ve never had a game table and am not sure what they look like or where to find one. I didn’t worry about those details, I just said, “Oh, and a game table will go right there!” I imagined friends and family members sitting around the table, playing Bananagrams and Rummikub. Maybe the odd game of chess or poker now and again.

Last weekend, I was visiting my mother in that town where I want to live, the town where my dream house has sprung up. She said, “I got this table for Mother when she went to the assisted living place. Do you want it?”

It was a game table.

Happy Manifesting!