May 19, 2024


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Personality Types And Real Estate Sales

Let’s look at how we can apply the Four Core Networking Types to real estate sales. Any one of the four types can be a client. Your job is to discover which type that person is and provide the style of communication they can receive best in order to make the sale.

A Professor walks in. She will want to have the facts and data. She is Joe Friday –“just the facts, Ma’am.” She wants to know the exact square footage, will take time examining the fine details, and will be influenced by the reputation of the builder. If you are too friendly, too enthusiastic, or too talkative, you will immediately create a sense of distrust in this client. Typically most real estate sales people are Entertainers or Captains. If you are a Captain, you already are focused on the task at hand but will become frustrated at the Professor’s seeming indecisiveness and attention to fine details that might seem irrelevant to you. If you are an Entertainer you will have to stay focused on asking them questions and probing for the level of detail they need to feel confident about the house and not put off by over-talking.

When discussing the cost of the house, she will want to know about depreciation and the interest rate. If it ‘makes sense’ the Professor will buy the house.

Or your next client may be an Entertainer who will want to see the biggest and most unique homes. Show her what makes that house special. Does a famous person live in the neighborhood? Is there a great entertainment system? If so, that Entertainer will sign on the dotted line without ever asking a detailed question.

Entertainers act without thinking and Professors think without acting.

Now let’s look at how Captains wants to be shown a house. They will want to walk around on their own and have you wait for them. They will let you know what they think. If you start talking about the details they will be offended. They want to be in control. They will ask the questions. Let them have control. Let them ask the questions, Remember—with both of these styles, the more you talk, the less they like it.

You would completely alienate an Angel if you treated them the way you treated the Captain. They would be deeply offended and think you don’t care about them. Angels want you to walk through the house with them. Better yet, take them to lunch ahead of time. Become friend and find out about them. Then show them the home and talk about the kids and animals, schools, churches, the neighbors—how friendly they are. If you can, introduce them to the neighbors.

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