June 20, 2024


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Pay Attention To These 6 Important Home – WInterizing Necessities!

Just, like most people, most homes require a great deal of attention, especially, when it comes to maintaining them, on a seasonal basis! Perhaps, especially, in areas, which experience dramatic winters, a wise homeowner is ready, and prepared, to pay keen attention, to some of the necessities, of properly, preparing the house, for the additional stresses, caused by winter, such as cold weather, snow, ice and thawing, etc! After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I generally, advise my customers, and client, to use a fully – considered, checklist, to prepare, before the onset of the coldest season, before it might be, too late! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 home – winterizing necessites, in terms of preparation.

1. Have heating system, professionally, examined, serviced, and maintained: It is wise to have your heating system, fully inspected, and examined, in advance of the winter! Most oil companies refer to this process, as a Preventive Maintenance, or, PM, and the service, includes, inspecting, cleaning, testing effectiveness and efficiency, and ensuring, it is ready for winter! Regardless of, whether, one uses, oil or natural gas, etc, this process, is a wise one!

2. Check and adjust/ clean radiators, vents, etc: Do your radiators need to be bled, which is, usually, needed for water – based, systems? Do the valves need adjustment, etc? Are the vents, and filters, clean, in good – repair, and provide optimum performance, and health?

3. Check windows and doors for drafts!: Are you wasting energy, and, thus, both, money and comfort, because your house, has too many drafts, and/ or, air – leaks? Have your windows, and doors, thoroughly, draft/ leak – tested, and fix these areas, accordingly!

4. Walk – around outside/ exterior of building and property: Perform a thorough, detailed, walk – around, and inspect the condition of the house, itself, as well as the property, in order to identify, any concerning areas, etc! Are there, any, loose panels, either, in your siding, or around the windows? Is your property, properly, pitched, so any water, ice, snow, is moved, away from the building, to reduce potential issues?

5. Fix/ repair cracks/ defects: If any cracks, and/ or, defects, are discovered, during the inspections, repair them, properly, and thoroughly! If ice gets – into, any crack, you risk, further, more – extreme, dangerous, and expensive repairs!

6. Leaders and gutters: Have a qualified professional clean, and inspect, the roof’s, leaders and gutters! Ensure they are clean of debris, especially, leaves, and other potential obstructions! Be certain, these areas, as well as the roof, itself, are in at – least, good condition, and repair, if needed!

The more prepared one is, the fewer potential issues, which could be prevented, occur! Will you be a wiser homeowner?