May 24, 2024


Mad about real estate

Party Hard! Attract Buyers by Throwing a Unique Party Style Open House

Every real estate agent in the business is guilty of it, and it’s the first thing that you think of when you’re selling a home own your own or flipping a property. The dreaded open house. The problem with this old fashioned idea is that it doesn’t work. Unless your goal is to waste an entire day for the one or two people that might show up, you will not be successful selling a house this way.

But then if open houses are so unsuccessful, do people keep hosting them? The answer to that is simple – the idea behind an open house is a good one. You want to get people in to see your property. What needs to be done here is to rethink the entire concept of an open house and give it a fresh twist.

If you want people to come and view your house, you need to offer them something that they can’t refuse. Throw a party! For a family neighborhood, gear your party towards families. Host a block party and invite all the neighbors (they’re going to come and check it out anyway!). Create a fun family atmosphere to attract your target market. Offer fun activities for the children like a petting zoo or games that will keep them occupied while mom and dad browse the house. Not only will a block party attract the type of potential buyers you are looking for it serves as an excellent marketing tool to sell people on the merits of a close knit neighborhood.

This party style open house plan works well in other situations as well. If you’re marketing an upscale home in a trendy neighborhood that would appeal to singles or working couples, host a jazz night with a local jazz ensemble. Offer cheese and crackers and a night of good music. Often local musicians will offer their services at a discounted rate for the free publicity as well.

If your open house is close to a holiday, throw a themed bash. Why not a Halloween party, tropical luau, Valentine’s night? Get creative and have a lot of fun in the process.

Traditional open houses are outdated and stale. If you want people to come out in big numbers – Party on!