April 23, 2024


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Paris Apartments for Sale: A Great Investment

Paris. The name alone brings about a feeling of love, romance and culture all in one location. This is probably the most famous city in the world. And for almost half a millennia, the city has been a hub for the culture and arts, architecture, cuisine, fashion, and even real estate. Throughout the years, Paris has remained consistent in her virtues of being a cosmopolitan city steadfast to its culture. While most Parisians know the English language, few will speak till you try your best to speak French. Once they see you have made such an effort, their perceived snobbery vanishes and they may entice you in a simple conversation or help you with things you need to know about the city. The Parisian way has always been popular, most especially for the women who seem to be always fashionable anytime of the day. Paris is a city of movement, day and night. The bustle of people walking all around urges you to view the City and the sights and sounds she contains.

A good investment in Paris is to purchase an apartment. Depending on where you are situated, which district the apartment is, and how many square meters the apartment is, the price range can start from under two hundred thousand pounds up to three million pounds. Like I said that it’s a good investment if you have the cash today. There are actually a lot of Paris apartments for sale. I was quite surprised to find a number of good deals available online. This seemed strange to me because a few years ago, when the internet was not as popular, I had a very good friend of mine who was interested to look at property in France and was intrigued to look at the Paris apartments for sale there. Fluent in French, she actually hid that she knew the language when first speaking to the real estate agent. My friend was dressed casually having just arrived from a flight a few hours before her appointment. The real estate agent took a look at her, and decided to ask if my friend was interested in seeing some studios which were less inexpensive. My friend politely asked in English that she was looking for a two or three bedroom apartment to purchase. This real estate agent said something to the effect that my friend may not be able to afford the apartment. Having heard this, my friend thanked the real estate agent for her time and then proceeded to call her other friend and in English, asked if she knew another real estate agent. In a matter of minutes, another agent arrived while the first agent was still present. From that moment on, my friend spoke in fluent French apologizing to the second agent why she was dressed that way, as she just arrived from London on her private jet and did not want to unpack her business suit. She also wanted to go right away and see some Paris apartments for sale. In short, she bought a three bedroom apartment without haggling about the price. She could afford it. Too bad for the first real estate agent.