May 24, 2024


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owner finance houses homes Florida

There are thousands of owner finance houses and homes available throughout the state of Florida with no credit check and no qualifying. You can buy or your dream home based on what you can afford and not what your credit score or lack thereof dictates.

In today’s real estate marketplace many investors and real estate companies are well aware that there is an opportunity to fill their vacancies quickly by offering owner financing since even those with good credit are finding it difficult to get a bank loan to purchase a home due to more stringent requirements of qualifying in general.

If you have delayed buying your dream home because of your credit rating that to is no longer a factor. You can buy your Florida home today via owner finance and have a nice selection of properties to choose from. Most people are pleasantly surprised with what they can buy in today’s real estate marketplace via owner finance and again with no credit check.

There is a wide array of homes available via owner or seller financing such as multi million dollar luxury homes to the common affordable home. You can certainly find what you are looking for as there are many different companies offering this type of financing with very good terms even better than what you could have gotten with the bank just a few years ago!

You can search for the area size price of your home simply by searching online or calling local real estate offices or viewing the newspaper. Buy your owner financed dream home today.