May 19, 2024


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Nyc Apartments – Studio Or One Bedroom?

Is a one-bedroom or a studio NYC apartment the best choice for you?

If you are intending to rent an NYC apartment by yourself, you might ask yourself whether you need to live in a one bedroom accommodation or a studio. Both of those options have its unique benefits because they are quite popular for single renters. This is a brief article to help you with your decision: a Studio or one bed New York City Apartments – which one is the most excellent solution for you?

Who needs to rent a Studio?

Single people who rent an NYC studio gain great benefit by paying less rent payment each month, which in turn translate to significant savings as the years go by. The plain floor plan of a studio does not require as much furniture to attain the feeling of a normal New York City Furnished Apartment and it is reasonably easy to decorate as well. Studio Manhattan Apartments, for example, are perfect for renters who do not have much property and need to keep the studio handy.

Who need to rent a One-Bedroom Apartment?

As opposite to Studio renters, one bedroom apartments will suite renters who need more space and several rooms in their NYC apartments. Having an extra room will suite renters who have guests stay for the night frequently (much more privacy) or who like their bedroom out of sight (and let the bedroom stay only for sleeping and entertainment). If you work at home you might also want to consider renting an NYC one bedroom apartment for a change in scenery (you don’t want to work where you sleep and vice versa).

Time for decisions

Think of a one bedroom apartment as an upgrade (since it cost more). The decision, whether to upgrade or not boils down to what you have just read above: one bedroom apartment offers positive benefits in return for the higher rent, but these benefits are not important for every renter. Also, some renters that can afford a one bedroom NYC Apartments for rent decide they would prefer living in a studio or at least would not mind. If that is the case, at least look for a studio that offers excellent views of a nearby lake, a park or an outstanding skyscrapers horizon view of your city. Hunt for a well budget studio or one bedroom apartment at the finest New York City brokerage agencies such as Royalton Realty, Manhattan Connection and Best Apartments.