April 13, 2024


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New Loan Modification Guidelines Under Obama’s Federal Plan

You can discover the benefits of a home loan modification through the president’s federal plan. Obama and his government are hoping to offer aid to over 7 million people by modifying their loans so their monthly mortgage payments are more affordable. Do not think of a home loan modification as something forced on you in a bad situation but as an opportunity to save some money.Homeowners who have had a hard time paying their mortgages and facing foreclosure are expected to gain the most from Obama’s federal plan. But homeowners do not have to be behind on their mortgage in order to be eligible for this plan. The only requirement is that the homeowner is in financial straits and is unable to pay a monthly mortgage bill. Giving homeowners an opportunity to negotiate on their loans before they become delinquent. This plan is a welcomed, reasonable alternative.There is no cost to apply for a loan modification so homeowners are advised to exercise caution when loan modification companies charge a fee for applying. There are many requirements homeowners have to meet in order to be eligible and not everyone who applies will be accepted. Pre-qualification refers to knowing these requirements and meeting them. This involves calculating your debt ratio and preparing an application in a way that will improve your chance of getting accepted.There are two types of homeowners for which the home modification program is geared. The first is a group of borrowers who are able to pay their mortgages but who were denied refinancing because they owed more than their property is worth. The other group are those who are on the brink of foreclosure and need help right away.Obama’s loan modification plan is self-explanatory. The lender agrees to change the terms of your loan so that you can afford to make the monthly payments. Struggling homeowners will not have to worry about losing their homes because foreclosure is no longer an option. Learn what you need to do to qualify, get all your paperwork in order and find a financial counselor who will help you navigate the process is you find it overwhelming. This advisor will help you find your way through this maze, explaining legal terms and helping you find a way to get what you need.