July 20, 2024


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Negotiating the Tarrant County Real Estate Contract

How can you buy Tarrant County at the lowest possible price?  You’ve been out house hunting for some time now.  You’ve done all your due diligence and now it’s time to put in a written offer to purchase the home that is just right for you.  How do you know much to offer the seller?  Is it really how much your offer is our how you present your offer?

Determining the Market Price

Before writing your offer you need to determine what the market price is for the home you want to buy. Have your professional Tarrant County Realtor run a Comparable Market Analysis for you on similar homes that have sold recently in your target neighborhood. To arrive at a reasonable offer price you and your agent will be comparing the location, condition and amenities of similar homes that have already sold and the current competition of other homes for sale in the area.

Your Offer Price

Now you must figure out how much to write your offer for and also what the most you are willing to pay for your Tarrant County home.  If you are willing to pay market value or more for this home because you don’t want to risk losing it let your agent know that up front! Most good agents will do their best to negotiate a sales price that is below market for you because they want to make you happy and retain you as a future client.  More importantly, they want and need your referrals.  Only you can determine how you may feel if you lose this home to another buyer for only a few thousand dollars. If you want a good deal in Tarrant County real estate whether or not it is Arlington real estate, Southlake real estate or even Colleyville real estate make sure you tell your agent that, but if you want this home in particular, tell your agent that too! His negotiating tactics will depend heavily on your desired outcome.