May 25, 2024


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My Boyfriend Says He Wants to Marry Me But He Hasn't Proposed! Why Men Do This

How incredibly frustrating is it to be involved with a man who claims he wants to marry you, yet he won’t take even a baby step in that direction? It’s hard for any woman in this situation who dreams of a wedding and building a life with the man she adores. He promises her the moon but won’t deliver even an engagement ring. Have you been waiting for some time for your boyfriend to pop the question? Does he consistently claim that he really does want to get married, yet his actions don’t back that up? If this sounds like the script to your life at the moment, you really need to gain a better understanding of why men do this.

A man will sometimes say he wants something, when deep down he’s completely unsure of whether he does or not. This is the case with everything from going out to dinner to making a lifelong commitment. If you’re the type of woman who likes to plan ahead and your guy just goes with the flow, you may end up feeling as though he’s not fulfilling his promises. Consider how often you talk about the idea of marriage with him. If it’s a constant theme in the conversations you two share, he may have just decided that it’s easier to agree with you than to have a compassionate discussion about what each of you wants for your individual and mutual futures.

There are also men who truly do want to get married but they feel they have to have all their ducks in a row, so to speak, before they can pop the ultimate question. This happens when a man doesn’t feel he’s as financially secure as he’d like to be. If his bank account can’t support the payments for the engagement ring, let alone a mortgage or rent, he’s not going to take a step in that direction quite yet. He’ll want to build up his own personal equity base and also ensure that his career is in a good place. You can usually tell if this is what is holding a man back because he’ll be very focused on saving every penny he possibly can.

Sadly, there are men who promise the moon and the stars to their girlfriend when they have no intention at all of following through. In this case, it’s really all about actions. If his words suggest that he can’t wait to be your husband, yet his actions suggest that he’s more than content being your boyfriend, that’s a problem. You can test him by bringing a bridal magazine over to his place. Leave it in full view and then wait for his reaction. If he grimaces and looks away, that’s clearly not a promising sign. The same is true if he completely ignores its existence in the room.

If he picks it up and begins a conversation about what type of dress you were considering or where you’d like to honeymoon, he’s definitely got marriage on his mind too. In this case, it will pay for you to be patient a bit longer. He’s just taking his time getting himself to the point of proposing. If you love him, then it’s more than worth the wait.