April 14, 2024


Mad about real estate

Mortgage Brokers – Why Not Use Credit Repair to Grow Your Client Base…

It is an unfortunate fact, that credit has become very tight of late, and with all of the hoo-hah in the popular as well as the economic press about house price collapses, bad lending by banks in the sub-prime market, a general down-turn in a house prices, as well as an end of the ‘honeymoon’ period for low cost fixed rate mortgages, more and more people are moving into a desperate financial state.

Many of them may well have very large amounts of equity in their properties, but unless they have a ‘top notch’ credit rating, no bank will advance them any equity release, that may well help the clients to survive the market turmoil until prices start to rise again. And let’s face it, recover they will, and continue to about double every 10 years, as they have since proper records began.

So, why offer a credit repair service to your clients? After all, if you have a look at many publications and web sites, even Federal Government sites, you may well see a lot of stern warnings about how certain credit repair companies are nothing but charlatans and scammers, and that there is nothing that a credit repair company can do that your clients could not do themselves.

But, the wonderful thing about this country of ours is that we have freedom of choice, and since the massive growth has taken place on the internet of late, there are not many things that you could not find a ‘self-help’ site on many topics, credit repair being one of them.

That being the case, there are sites out there that will show you how to change your car’s brake linings, or build an extension to your house, and if you want to do it yourself, you can. However, when it comes to specialist services like financial advice, most clients would rather be guided by the professionals.

There are some pretty good sites out there that can offer more than just a free or low cost eBook on credit repair; there are software packages that can guide the average person from A to Z with do it yourself credit repair. However, there are also companies out there that can enable specialist organizations like your mortgage brokerage, to take their software packages, and enable you to offer it as a ‘branded’ service from your own firm.

As a financial specialist, you are obviously very much aware of how much you can save your clients, just by improving their credit score by a few hundred points. But what you may not be aware of, is how much legal ‘junk’, spurious and unnecessary entries, and even incorrect entries, may be appearing on your client’s credit files, that will be costing them either access to credit at all, or costing them more in interest than they need to be paying.

To my mind, this would seem to be a ‘Win-Win’ situation for your firm and your clients. How about giving it more than a cursory glance, and see the happiness it will bring you clients, and also your bank manager as you lock in more long-term clients.