July 20, 2024


Mad about real estate

Mortgage Assignment Program

In just a few weeks I am releasing a program that teaches investors how I have created a hugely profitable mortgage assignment business and how they can do it too. I’m going to tell you all of the secrets to my success and give you all the tools, the scripts, the whole enchilada; this is by far the best mortgage assignment program out there, period.

Who am I? I’m not one to toot my own horn so here’s a professional bio that was written about me:

“Phill Grove has been called the most successful residential real estate investor in post-bubble America by dozens of today’s top guru’s. He has conducted approximately $200M in real estate transactions – using non-traditional investing methods such as mortgage assignment, short sales, equity partnering, auction-options, wraps, swaps, and other methods – many of which he invented and/or pioneered for the industry. Phill teaches how to zig when others zag, and believes the biggest opportunities for wealth exist for those that solve the biggest problems during the biggest times of need, and has never seen a bigger opportunity than now to grow rich while helping others.”

For many years my main focus as a real estate investor was short sales. Over the last year or two the short sale business has increased but the number of short sales that banks are approving has steadily declined. There were still a ton of homeowners facing foreclosure that needed my help, but there were no assurances that the bank would cooperate if we started a short sale. In order to facilitate these deals and to make the type of money I was used to making my focus transitioned to mortgage assignments. I had so much success with this new strategy that I decided to create a mortgage assignment program for other investors to share in the wealth (I know this seems a little unorthodox, I should keep my killer secrets to myself, but truly there are way more mortgage assignment deals out there than me and a thousand clones of myself could handle).

The Mortgage Assignment Program

So what is it? My mortgage assignment program will show investors how to do something that no one else is teaching. It’s a basic premise: I will show you how to sell ‘unsellable’ houses to ‘unloanable’ buyers.

The mortgage assignment program will provide you with tons of content. I will go over how to acquire the properties, how to market to both buyers and sellers, the tools I use in my business, how to process the leads, and how to plan and structure your business. You will also get a ton of material to use such as my contracts, disclosures, prospect questionnaires, and legal forms. In the next few weeks I will be releasing a series of videos that will teach you about the mortgage assignment program and all of it’s offerings.