July 13, 2024


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Mexico Real Estate – Cancun Chosen As #1 Internationally

As a real estate buyer, where do you want to buy your beachfront condo – in a good location or in the best location? The best, of course. Mexico Real Estate has consistently proven itself to be not only a good choice for North American’s looking for excellent beachfront real estate, but in fact the BEST choice. A search of Mexico’s MLS listings will show that many high-quality condos are available in various locations throughout the country for very reasonable prices.

But, where, then, in Mexico is the best option? While each of the many locations – from La Paz in Baja California to Merida in the Yucatan – have their own strength, a international opinion has been increasingly pointing to Cancun Real Estate as not only a top pick in Mexico, but on a world-wide level.

A recent example of this occurred in China. A panel including representatives from the media, government and numerous experts identified Cancun as the “finest beach resort in the World”, according to an announcement made CTRIP, the leading tour operator in China, which publishes an online and print travel magazine.

This recognition was given after an online survey in which 4 million Chinese residents with access to the magazine’s website selected Cancun out of the top twenty destinations for Chinese travelers in the world. On behalf of Cancun, the award was received by Eligio Serna, Director of Cancun’s Tourism Board in Shanghai from various representatives of the magazine.

While this survey was pointed towards tourism, many of the activities and much of the infrastructure which makes Cancun an excellent choice for tourists – whether Chinese, American, European or other – also provides an excellent lifestyle for real estate owners; excellent roads, modern, “state of the art” hospitals, many activities, such as swimming with dolphins, diving, sailing, water sports, etc., excellent bars, clubs and restaurants, large stores and shopping malls, and, of course, the world famous beaches. A quick search of Cancun MLS listings will show that beachfront condos in the area match the high quality of the hotels and tourism infrastructure.

Mexico real estate on Cancun’s beachfront is available at excellent prices, not only compared to similar options in the U.S., but also compared to many choices within Mexico. The nearby Riviera Maya, for example, has height restrictions on buildings, making beachfront considerably more expensive. Cancun MLS listings will show a broader range of prices, appealing both to high-end luxury buyers, and those who are buying on a smaller budget.