June 23, 2024


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Mexico Homes for Sale in Yucatan; Dream Lifestyle, Winter Getaway

Yucatan real estate has a very strong appeal for American and Canadian buyers, especially during the winter months. The following are a few of the benefits which buying a Mexico home for sale in Yucatan can offer.

Warm Weather. This is one of the main motivations to choose to live in Yucatan. The average temperature in the summer is a bit over 80, with a range from 70 to 95. In the “winter,” the average is about 85, ranging from about 60 to about 90. Many Canadians and Americans who love warmer weather at all times have made Yucatan their full time home, and many more have chosen to live here only in the winter.

Old Colonial Cities. The largest and most important of these is Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan, which is also home to a large expat population. With beautiful old churches, colorfully painted homes, very green parks full of flowers and trees and a good deal of sites to see, restaurants, bars, live music and other activities, this city offers a charming lifestyle which many people dream of living. Old colonial homes are a favorite for American and Canadian buyers, either fixer-uppers or already restored.

Beautiful Beaches. Only 30 minutes away from Merida begin long stretches of wide, white beaches. The nearest beachfront town is that of Progreso. Many traditional and luxury Mexico homes for sale and condoscan be found in this area. Both those residing in the city, and on the beach have easy access to all the advantages of the other.

Low Prices. In the city, countryside and on the beachfront, the prices of real estate is really low. Reasonable home options can be found for any budget. The cost of groceries, bills, transportation, traveling, furniture and many items more is noticeably less than in countries like Canada or the United States.

Modern Services. While the cost of properties and living is very low, and the area is largely defined by its old colonial charm, Merida is also a large city with complete modern services. These include state-of-the-art hospitals, golf courses, shopping malls, large-screen movies, large and international stores.

Easy Transportation. Merida is also home to a large international airport with direct flights to many locations throughout North America. About 3 hours away is also the Cancun International Airport, adding more flight possibilities. The highways running from Merida to the beachfront, Cancun, Chichen Itza and many other surrounding communities and sites are multi-lane and newly constructed , improved or upgraded. There is also a good taxi service in the city, and very comfortable buses for travelling.

If you’ve had enough of the northern winters, consider buying real estate and living in Yucatan.

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