July 13, 2024


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Maximize Local Government Land by Perumnas

Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) through the Directorate General of Housing Provision requests that Perumnas can maximize the utilization of land owned by Local Government (Pemda) to support the implementation of One Million House Program in the region. Given the good cooperation between Perumnas and the PUPR Ministry and local governments are considered able to provide more cheap houses for civil servants (PNS) and the community. Please visit : Home Mortgage via Perumnas Blog

“We hope that Perumnas can further increase the construction of low-cost housing for the community by utilizing the existing lands, either their own or the local government’s land,” said Director-General of Housing Provision Syarif Burhanuddin on the sidelines of the 42nd Anniversary of Perumnas in Jakarta.

According to Syarif, the existence of Perumnas as a state-owned enterprise that is assigned to build housing for the community is one of the strategic partners to succeed One Million House Program in Indonesia. Therefore, intensive coordination among stakeholders of the housing sector is required so that the housing provisioning program can meet the needs of community houses whose numbers continue to increase each year.

To facilitate the implementation of housing construction, Syarif added, the PUPR Ministry also continues to encourage regional government awareness in order to provide easy licensing for housing built for low-income people (MBR). Potential land that is still quite wide in the areas, is expected to be utilized by Perumnas, considering Perumnas has regional offices spread across the territory of Indonesia.

He said Perumnas could cooperate with local governments to utilize local government land, for houses of civil servants and MBR. As the development of Jakabaring Central and Apartment in Palembang is a successful example of development carried out by Perumnas. “Local government gives permit and land permits and Perumnas can build vertical dwelling well,” he said.

Syarif added that the PP No. 83/2015 on the revitalization of Perumnas is expected to spur the spirit of Perumnas in the construction of houses in Indonesia. He also requested that Perumnas not be complacent about the results of his work so far, especially the development of new cities in Indonesia.

According to him, the Ministry of PUPR is ready to bridge if there is a local government that needs assistance from Perumnas in terms of providing housing for the community. “We also have housing assistance such as infrastructure, facilities, and utilities (PSU) so as to encourage Perumnas and other housing developers to be more eager in housing construction,” he said.

President Director of Perumnas, Himawan Arief Sugoto said, entering the age of 42 years Perumnas will keep trying to improve itself and improve the quality of housing development for the people of Indonesia. Even so, he also hopes the central and regional governments to provide support in the form of convenience.

“The main theme that we hold in the 42nd Anniversary Perumnas this is definitely Can! Continue to Work, of course, the challenges ahead, especially housing programs in Indonesia will be more severe and we invite the government and the board of directors and employees Perumnas to work harder so that people can have a decent home, “he said.