May 30, 2024


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Marketing to Realtors – 6 Ways for Using Facebook

Marketing to real estate agents just got a little faster. Recently, a new marketing strategy started: social networking. During the past few years, loan officers have increasingly turned to creative tools like Facebook to impact their marketing to real estate agents. Realtors give opportunities to loan officers they have rapport with – why? Because people like doing business from people they like. This is as matter of fact as in business-to-business sales as it is in the business-to-consumer market. Facebook helps you to become mates – with loads of real estate agents in your local community.

Six Suggestions to Use Facebook For Marketing to Real Estate Agents

Listed here are 6 ways you may use Facebook to help your relationships – without trying to sell any service. This may be a new technique of marketing. Downplay the business side of your being on Facebook. Stress building rapport.

1. I know, that sounds paradoxical, but first, show you are human. Use Facebook to let your “friends” see you as somebody like them, somebody they can find common ground with, somebody they can like. Then, when they become ok with you, they are going to want to conduct business with you as they originally came to like and trust you.

2. Share a bit about your other interests. If you feel comfy doing so describe your hobbies and interests. Join groups that interest you. And act like a friend — think about them first: send resources and links related to their interests and post testimonials for them on their Facebook.

3. Invite Realtors to become Facebook friends. Skew your Facebook activities towards business by inviting peers to become “friends.” While you may invite family and pals outside of business, also ask customers & prospects to be pals. Additionally, you can invite people whom you need to get to know better. In addition, you can send out notices to members of your group.

4. Post business events like teleseminars, webinars, and even conventions. Send invites to them thru the Facebook Event Coordinator.

5. Use Facebook to do background research. Facebook provides amazing tools to research your clients, prospects and vendors. Use what Realtors openly share on Facebook to better know them.

Besides their profiles, Realtors on Facebook upload footage, write comments on their walls, and post what they do now. Here your buddies will generally tell you more about their private interests than the characteristic database researching all the general public records can tell you.

6. The last tip about using Facebook for marketing to real estate agents is to incorporate a signature on any messages you send pals just like you do on notes and regular letters.

In your signature, you can offer a free article or report and include a link. If they follow that link, it takes them to an opt-in page for newsletters from you. Then your autoresponder will send out regular messages or mailings in order that you can build a more robust rapport with them.

Facebook can be another method for marketing to Realtors so you develop more referral sources and close more loans.