December 10, 2023


Mad about real estate

Long Term Renting in Javea and Moraira on the Costa Blanca

Many expats from the UK and other Northern European countries dream of relocating to warmer climates in Spain. It is now very common to pack up one life and move to another country to start afresh with a much better standard of living, an outdoors life for all the family, leaving the stress of high pressured jobs are but a few reasons people want to set off for a new life.

This all sounds so enticing and loads of families relocate and love their new life in Spain. But, there are still a number who do not settle and want to return to the UK. I live in Javea on the Costa Blanca North and have seen a number of fellow expats return to the UK with very little to show for their time here in Javea.

The recession has been mainly to blame for their down turn in fortunes. They sold property in the UK and with the profits were able to buy or put a reasonable sum down as a deposit for a house. A few years ago banks were offering huge mortgages without much in the way of means testing. Now the market has slumped and these expats are left with villas they can no longer afford to pay the mortgage on, job prospects that are nonexistent and often failing businesses.

Their dreams are now shattered, no money, no home and no prospects. This doesn’t have to be the case, there are just as many success stories in Javea than the failed ones.  A lot comes down to how hard you work, life is not one holiday whether you live here in javea or a town in the UK. The harder you work the more you should succeed. You also need to plan your move, the best solution at this time is to try before you buy. Don’t sell your UK assets and home lock stock and barrel, rent your home, keep in with any business you are involved in and rent long term here in Javea to see if you actually truly like living in the sun, if you can make a living here and if you have kids do settle in to a Spanish school or one of the many International English speaking schools.

Due to the slump in the property market there is a glut of long term rentals available in Javea and its popular neighbouring town of Moraira. You will be able to rent a villa with a pool long term in this area for between 1000 and 1500 euro per month, either for 6 months or a year.

Long term renting in Javea or Moraira, I believe, is the future for the next year or so, the property market is far from stable and some great properties that are not selling are now available for long term rent at very reasonable prices. So if you are thinking about relocating to Javea or Moraira you should take a good look at what is available for long term rental, it gives you the opportunity to explore the area, find the spot that you prefer, settle in to a community before you make a huge commitment to purchase a property.

Maybe you have a dream of living in the sun, but you don’t have the funds from UK assets to buy a property, then long term rental in Javea or Moraira is a real viable option, there are a large number of properties for rent in Javea and Moraira to suit all price ranges and for about 500 euro a month you can rent a modern 2 bed apartment with communal pool, you will usually need a 2 month deposit and I would recommend you have enough money for a few months rent, while you are looking for work, but with a few thousand pounds you can sample the life, for the same price as a long haul holiday you can live in Javea or Moraira with a long term let for several months.