June 21, 2024


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Location: choose the right location for your home

When choosing a home:

If you are considering buying a new house as result of sudden movement or as a result of fresh investment you must consider what your present priority is in life before you start searching for that home.

Your priority will determine whether you are paying more or less. Choice areas are normally more expensive and less available. Setting your priorities therefore may require that you think on the following reasons.


Having an easy links to the major transportation venues is much more paramount to some people than the cost of that home. The more the easy access to the bus stop, tube stop, rail station, or even to the airport the more expensive the home may be. This kind of location might be expensive than those that do not have easy links to transportation. It is advisable for investor to buy this kind of homes because it appreciates in value with the shortest time.

My dream neighborhood;

This is one crucial factor when considering a location to buy your home in. Remember a home can be refurbished but cannot be moved. The more reason why you should consider a choice location, as a real estate investor your paramount motive should be capital appreciation of that home which in turn depends on the neighborhood you have chosen. For a home buyer that desires to reside in his home, he must consider the following. Is the neighborhood you are considering healthy for your family? Is it secure for your children and your properties? Is the community gated? Does it have the amenities that your family would need? Are your children’s schools close enough for a short drive or a stroll?


It is crucial that anyone desirous of buying a home- condominium or any townhouse should take cognizance of the various rules governing such location. HOA’s manages the affairs of the neighborhood you are desirous of.  To be able to able to live peacefully in this neighborhood you need to join the HOA and abide by its regulations. Therefore it would be wise to learn the majority of HOA rules governing that locality before you buy your home in that vicinity.