April 14, 2024


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List of Small Business Ideas – Apartment Preparation Service

Apartment preparation services help property owners in marketing their apartments for rental. When the old tenant moves out, floors, walls, ceilings need cleaning and light repair, which is where you come in. The landlords needs your service because if the apartment is in great condition he or she will be able to charge a higher rent. It is important to be healthy for this job, a lot of time will be spent on your knees on the floor.

Begin by purchasing basic cleaning equipment and materials. Advertise in the local newspaper, and also in any landlord associations in your local area, also advertise in the Yellow Pages, contact property managers, real estate agents, association managers and property owners. You can usually charge $75 or more per apartment deal. It will be better to get one large complex of apartments together in one deal, so you can maximize your time efficiency and maximize your profit. Also find apartment complexes that offer or specialize short term leases.

You can run this business from your home. Usually no staff is required unless you get more jobs than you can handle or the work required is extensive. This business is difficult for people with disabilities due to the physical labor involved. Your major expenses will be in cleaning equipment and materials which should be of high quality so maintenance costs are kept down. You should also keep an eye on insurance costs and tool repairs.

For related Internet links on this business do a search for the Building Contractors Association, the National Apartment Association and the National Property Managers Association.

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