June 18, 2024


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Learn About HOA Rules

Learn About HOA rules

HOA stands for Home Owners Association. A very important term that everyone needs to be familiar with in the US Real Estate sector is the HOA rules. HOA rules are the rules formed and laid down by the HOA. There would be an HOA for each and every development that comes up in the US real estate sector and each HOA would have its own HOA rules. These rules are applicable to each and every member who is residing in the development. It is important for everyone to read, understand and comply with the HOA rules relevant for the property. These rules contain a list of all that one is allowed to do and not allowed to do while living in the development. All HOAs are recognized and approved by law. These associations have enough powers to ensure that all the members obey and comply with the HOA rules failing which the HOA reserves the right to evict the culprit. As soon as one buys a property into a development, one becomes a member of the HOA of the development and starts paying the membership fee of the HOA.

Compliance to the HOA rules is in the interests of all the members of the HOA. The residents staying in the development gain the most by properly framed HOA rules. These HOA rules are formed keeping in mind interest and well being of all its members. These rules pertain to the maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, security etc of the development. The HOA rules of the development typically do not allow its members to change the external features of their condo so as to disturb the uniformity with the other condos in the development. Typically all HOA rules have a say on whether the residents living in the development are allowed to keep pets, what are all the areas available to children for playing, how the residents dispose their garbage and distribution of parking lots.

The HOA rules at times are perceived to be a hindrance in terms of the space available to the residents. They are seen as something that curbs the freedom of the members. In case one feels that  it would be difficult to abide to the HPOA rules of the development, it is best avoided to buy a property in that development. The fact however remains, if it were not be for HOA rules the development would be a chaotic place to stay wherein fights and arguments would be a common sight. It would not be very pleasant residing in such a development. One can easily have a sense of how easy or difficult would be to comply with the HOA rules by speaking to the existing members and taking their feedback.

The objective of each HOA is to make the stay of all its members comfortable and peaceful.  Before one decided to buy into a development, one must how look at how good the HOA for that development is. A strong and a cohesive HOA works in the interests of its members and allows for peaceful co-existence amongst all its members.