April 14, 2024


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Kolkata Property Markets Introduce Senior Citizen Apartments

Kolkata real estate developers have caught a nerve perhaps no one else in the country has. There were properties in higher-end, for middle or lower income groups but no private developer had taken initiative to identify the needs of senior citizens.

This is where the Kolkata developers have taken the lead. Rosedale Developers have come up with specially planned ‘Senior Citizen Apartments’ at Rajarghat area of the city. Interestingly, the developer has uniquely identified NRI segment as its prospective consumers.

According to company officials, it is general tendency in Non Resident Indians (NRIs) to come back to their homeland after their professional stints in foreign countries. Most of the time, their age is above 55-65 years when they plan their come-back and at this age they definitely deserve special treatment and honour.

Sources further inform that it is the NRI developers who are introducing such good concepts in Kolkata real estate markets. As in the case of Rosedale, it is its managing director Dr Santosh Mukherjee, who is Chief Architect and CTO of America’s Santech Inc., an R&D service-based organization.

Public response

Conceptually, it is good that a commercial organization has a good sense of recognizing special place for senior citizens in the society, says Retd Colonel SK Riccharia. However, property values for such residential real estate are quite on higher side, and only wealthy NRIs can afford them, he pointed out. The developers, at the other end, assert that the project is receiving astonishing response from across the world.

Meanwhile, such projects boast of modern social infrastructure with air-conditioned community hall for social gatherings, Wi-Fi enabled lounge, panic alarm, centralized gas bank, and so on.

Special zones have also been identified for jogging tracks and yoga practices, for the residents of such townships. Keeping in view the needs of senior citizens who have a global lifestyle in foreign countries, these residential properties in Kolkata also encompass international standard club with all business and entertainment, and recreational facilities.

Most importantly, the senior citizen apartments would also depute well-trained nurses, physiotherapists and masseurs to provide ready healthcare to its special residents.

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