April 23, 2024


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Kenny Rushing Passing on His Expertise in Bulk REO Trading

Bulk REO trading is the hottest way to make tons of profit through real estate investing and nobody better than Kenny Rushing can show this to you. Kenny is a young and dynamic real estate investor from Tampa, FL and is best known for his phenomenal success as a real estate magnate. Apart from generating millions of dollars for his company Rehabbers Superstore, Inc through real estate investments, Kenny is equally involved in passing his legacy to others.

About Kenny Rushing

Kenny was born in Des Moines, Iowa to a father who had the history as a gang-banger. At the age of 14, Kenny Rushing started dreaming big and soon he became a drug top dog. His arrest and imprisonment for seven years was like a break in proceedings as he would soon shine in the real estate investment world.

He grabbed the opportunities of spinning money through real estate investing and soon established Rehabbers Superstore, Inc. Today, he is capable of guiding others through his life changing courses like House Hustler, $1 Deal Maker and New Jack Investor’s Guide.

Bulk REO Trader System

Utilizing his wisdom and several years of experience, Kenny Rushing has delivered a coaching program for those who wish to make big like him. Bulk REO Trader is the latest addition to the real estate coaching programs offered by Kenny. The course targets at teaching the upcoming investors about bank real estate owned properties and tips to make best out of them.

The course doesn’t teach how to invest in a single REO property at one time but it enhances the knowledge about bulk REO dealing. Kenny Rushing shares his successful experiences of being a super REO property wholesaler in the local market and that too without investing your own money or credit in the process. This might appear as a risky and unattainable target but the course teaches how to make it possible.

REO or real estate owned properties are those that remain unsold in foreclosure auctions and are the bank’s priorities to be sold at any suitable price. The Bulk REO Trader course is a step-by-step guide for those who wish to act as brokers for bulk REO deals. According to Kenny Rushing, brokering bulk real estate owned properties is much more profitable than investing your own money in buying an REO from a bank. How this can be achieved forms the basis of this course.

If Ken Can Do It…

Kenny Rushing targets to teach 1 million people about how to enjoy financial freedom through real estate investing in the next five years. His courses reflect his inspiring tagline – If KEN Can Do It, So KEN You. This sets him apart as a real estate profit maker and profit teacher in the Tampa, FL region.

Kenny Rushing has made it big as a real estate investor at a young age and this sets inspiration for the folks from the same age group. Bulk REO Trader by Kenny is indeed a life-changing experience and the ladder to financial independence.