May 20, 2024


Mad about real estate

James Island Sc Real Estate

The James Island SC real estate market is as strong as it’s been in the past, especially since there is not an excessive supply and a continuing demand like there is in Mount Pleasant.

The benefit with this real estate market now is that many sellers don’t know the market is stronger in James Island compared to the rest of Charleston.  In other words, a lot of the sellers don’t know that they can get as much money for their houses.  So, sellers are still willing to negotiate their asking price drastically because of their misinformation.  It seems like we only hear about a cooling real estate market.  However, in many areas like Charleston, SC the real estate market is beginning to warm up again.  

When it comes to starter homes (homes priced under $300K), James Island is still a better market than the surrounding areas for home prices and value.  Homes priced above $300K are scarcer, and this low supply combined with an increasing demand lends itself to higher prices.  The housing demand in James Island is comparatively high.  It seems like this demand will always be high because James Island is about as developed as it can be. 

Location is another major factor in the high demand for James Island real estate.  James Island is close to Folly Beach and to downtown Charleston, but without the traffic of Mount Pleasant or West Ashley.  Having such a good location puts James Island near the top of most buyers’ lists of places to live in Charleston. 

Its good location also makes James Island a great area to rent.  Many college students and medical students want to live in James Island because it’s close to their schools downtown.  Since many students cannot afford to buy homes in the area, they choose to rent instead.   

James Island continues to be one of the better investment areas in Charleston, SC. Students and young professionals make up most of the demand for sales and rentals in the area.  And, since the supply is limited and the demand is still very strong, James Island real estate is expected to thrive in the coming years.