June 20, 2024


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Investing In REO’s – REO Property Investments

Hello fellow or future agent. I am writing about REO Proeprties , the bank lender’s, and a great REO Training Program that me and my Foreclosure group have been studying. I will assume that you already know about the current foreclosure number’s in America and how they have provided us with this huge number of REO properties. (If you would like more info just follow this link: REO Online Training and REO Property Investments)

Usually those that are interested in REO’s are either looking to invest for profit’s or get a great deal on a new home themselves. If you are ready to invest in REO Properties it’s important to know your local foreclosure number’s and other such information. many time’s this information can be obtained from the Bank Asset Manager’s. Which bring’s me to another, very important point:

Relationship’s With The People That Have The Inside Information

Anyone that know’s what properties will be foreclosed on BEFORE anyone else, or the people that see the actual REO Property List’s as soon as they come out are the people that can make all the difference in your career as an REO Invester. These people range from the Lender’s to the asset manager’s. For you it is best to know how these relationship’s are built.

Use the REO/BPO Business Training Guide to Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about REO Property Investing. This REO online training program will explain REO’s and foreclosure investing to you as if you were talking to an actual Loan Officer or Mank Manager.It would be like one of the decision maker’s telling you EXACTLY  what they want, how to complete REO form’s, and how to make sure that your REO offer’s get accepted EVERYTIME.

Once you begin to invest in REO Properties you will see how eager the bank’s are to unload these Real Estate Owned proeprties as soon as possible. If you have seen those ad’s that say “Banks NEED Your Help!” – well, it’s trtue in a way. I mean, dont go believing that the bank’s will turn up at your house BEGGING  you to take all there money. But – they really do need to get these REO properties sold.

If they dont, they lose money, here’s why:

  • The more REO’s the less money Bank’s are making on Interest
  • It cost’s bank’s money to constantly have to deal with REO’s
  • REO’s are considered BAD Loans by the Federal Government
  • And having too many Bad Loans/REO’s is against Federal Law’s
  • Bank’s are fined heavily when they break these federal Laws/Rules

You see, the bank’s are even willing to break even or less someyime’s just to avoid these fine’s. Some say that when bank’s keep getting fined they build bad reputation’s with the federal Government, and that lead’s to future problem’s. So it’s not too hard to see why the bank’s sell these REO Properties for such low prices. They will even pay 6{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} of the final sales tax due to the structure of REO’s, Bad Loan’s and overall Federal Rules/Law’s. I am sure you have seen the countless Infomercial’s with those guy’s that make those too-good to be true statement’s about buying home’s for next to nothing.Well, I am not saying that everything they say is true, as I have never actually seen there product’s, but it stand’s to reason that these claim’s could be related to actual truth’s in the foreclosure market’s. O.K., I’m sure that you are ready to learn everything you need to know about REO Property Investment’s and how to succeed right away, so here is the link to the REO Business Kit that many have used to begin successful career’s in the REO Property Investments:

REO Property Investment Guides