June 18, 2024


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Interest Rates of Mortgage Loan – Merits and Demerits

Mostly people have to go for mortgage loan at one time or other. Many options are out there for mortgage in the market. The numbers of choices in front of you will be so much so that you will be surprised by seeing overwhelming number of options. How to select one from all these options? What is the right mortgage loan? Mainly the interest of the loan is the deciding factor of the selection. One should be extremely careful about the options on the interest rates. You require the absolute knowledge of the in and outs of these varieties of interest rates.

As all of us know there are two varieties of Mortgage refinance loan interest rates. One is the fixed rate and other is variable rate. Both are having advantages and disadvantages. Variable rates will be usually less than the fixed rates. This is a great benefit with the variable interest rates. But there are many more demerits for it. Variable rates, as the name suggests, will vary from time to time in accordance with the economic conditions of the country and state. As all of us know the present situation is such that the interest rates are just sprucing up. It simply rises month by month in accordance with the wholesale price index, inflammations and the Governments measures and policies to contain the price rise and the expected economic recession.

Variable prices will become a burden on the head if the interest rate goes up just like in the present situation. You can get some clearer picture of it. When you have taken the mortgage loan, you must have estimated the monthly repayments to be carried out. With this assumption you must have made a tight budget to keep moving the family and simultaneously pay off the loan amount in installments. But by the heavy rise in the interest rate, made your entire budget in shatters. Now you have to pay more money as mortgage repayments and obviously you have to cut down other expenditure. But mostly what happens is that, you will be forced to default the mortgage payments and you will end up with bad credit history. In this situation you will have to go for mortgage refinance loans as well.

As far as the fixed interest rates are considered, it will be better than variable rates. Here the demerit comes in the form higher interest rate compared to variable interest rate. Once if you select a fixed rate, you will be paying the same interest rates all through the tenure of the mortgage loan, irrespective of the economic fluctuations. You will have the prior knowledge of the monthly repayments you have to make. This will ensure you a proper planning of the family budget. This is a very important aspect. Now knowing the merits and demerits, you can decide up on the interest rate option for the mortgage loans. You can search on online loan lenders website to get the actual rates they offer for mortgage loans.