February 22, 2024


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Interactive Real Estate Map using Flash

Real estate is a booming industry which has gathered huge momentum with the power of Internet. Today, people can buy, sell or rent real estate properties through online deals. As the competition is getting tough online, many real estate websites are evolving from basic property listing directory, to more interactive websites featuring comprehensive data and high-end tools to help their visitors to find property information faster and easier. One of the most popular tool is an interactive real estate map created using Flash. It is intuitive, contextual and informative. It is also very flexible and easy to embed with your existing website.

You can create an interactive real estate map for the listed properties that are available for sale by your organization in various parts of the nation such as different states and counties. If the visitors want to lookout for the available properties for sale on their preferred county or state, they can simply click on the particular county or state on the map and then the search result will display the property list. Embedding an clickable interactive map is definitely one of the easiest ways to make your real estate website more interactive and user-friendly.

A Real Estate Map can be used as an interactive tool to display the following information visually:

* Current market offerings (for sale / rental)

* Sales trends

* Market reports and

* Information about a state / county / suburb

In the early days, image maps were mainly created using Java Scripts and HTML by the webmasters. Things have changed with the increasing fame of Flash and hence the real estate companies are using flash map software for creating interactive map in the websites.

Unlike the old style image maps, where the knowledge of HTML or JavaScript was a must, flash software tools have been developed to help webmasters to incorporate flash interactive map in a website quickly without any flash scripting. Thus, it is definitely easier to integrate and hence numerous real estate websites are using such feature to gain maximum views from the users.

These interactive maps are an useful too for the realtors as they can present genuine and detailed information about the listed online properties visually by states, counties or cities. These maps are excellent means of presenting real estate data visually, and the best part is that many map templates are already available for immediately usage and customization. Real estate websites that deals with residential properties, commercial properties, apartments, rentals, etc can become powerful with the integration of interactive maps.