July 13, 2024


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Insurance Basic for your Mountain Home

Our mountain homes NC, like our cars should be insured. If you don’t have any idea on how much and how a homeowner’s insurance cost, here is a basic guideline for you.

Your insurance should have enough coverage that includes your personal possessions, the structure of your home and the cost of added living expenses when the house is damaged and there is a need for you to stay somewhere else during the repair.

When computing for the construction or rebuilding cost, you should not include the cost of the land and the actual price you paid for purchasing the house because the rebuilding cost is far lower than its buying price.

If you don’t have it yet, there are some banks that would actually require you to have a homeowners insurance to cover for your mortgage. If your insurance limitations is based on your mortgage, be sure that the rebuilding coverage is enough. However, if you have a paid mortgage, don’t cancel your policy for your homeowner insurance can protect your home investment.

For you to determine the amount of insurance that you needed for your mountain homes NC , here is  guide you may use for a quick estimate:

Multiply the total square foot of your home y the local cost of building per square foot and for the cost of construction, ask a local insurance agent or a real estate agent.

Here are the factors that will determine your mountain homes NC rebuilding cost:

–          The square footage of your home structure

–          cost of local construction

–          house style

–          exterior wall construction type

–          roof type and material used

–          number of rooms

–          improvements done to the home and

–          other structures like sheds or garage

if there is a part of the insurance policy which is not clear to you, make sure to have everything clarified so as prevent any conflicts in the end. For more information visit to our site at https://www.oldemill.net