April 15, 2024


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Important Career Guidances – What You Have To Know About Career Transition

Our careers, that is, the time we have spent in any particular field, are not often something we desire to remain in for years at a time. Sometimes, we just want out. Questions begin to rise in your mind about the possibility of enjoying another field or another style of career. These are noble questions, as a career is designed not to be a lifestyle of service, but to be a reflection of who you are and what you desire. It mirrors your life. This is why career transitions must be handled with care and wisdom. In fact, there are those who have dedicated their lives in order to assist others in their career transitions.

Since change is never easy, seeking out a career transitional coach might not be a bad idea. During this process, however, there are a few simple steps you might want to follow. Having said that, there are a few things you should know about any career. With the many activities you engage in while in your career, you acquire a faculty of skills and abilities, job titles and positions. This is what labels your career in the eyes of other employers. This is why it is always important to consider your career in two dimensions, that is, through the dimension of title and the dimension of responsibilities. By dividing it up into these two parts, you are then able to better sell your skills to other companies, giving them a more concrete knowledge of what you are capable of bring to the table when hired.

This also provides yet another interesting question: is the desired transition in the field itself, in just in the title / responsibility? Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Remember, your career is your mirror, so be careful and forever cautious when considering a career transition.

In the end, there are only two methods of transitioning your career. You have the changing field but not the job, you have the changing the job but staying in the same field, but the most popular method of transition is changing everything, both job and field.

You can stay in the same field but change positions, for example, by ceasing to sell homes and start working at your real estate office, or no longer designing websites but start selling the website designs to external companies. By changing your field but remaining in the same position can be done by no longer selling website designs but real estate. This is a very
common thing for people to consider doing in order to change their pace or to advance their careers. Of course, if you are skilled in things that you are not utilizing in your current field, it may not be a bad idea to expand and use your gifts on the side, if not for a complete career transition. These are the reasons that each position you apply for must be met by a different, custom designed resume.

If you desire to remain in sales but in a different field, you might want to focus on the sales part of your previous job descriptions. If not, and you desire to leave the position of sales in general, focus on what you wish to enter. This is how you can receive an offer for your dream job and, as you have set out so purposefully to do, transition your career into a something that completely mirrors your personality.