November 29, 2023


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Importance Of Water Purifiers And Some Latest, Leading Purifiers

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Consuming pure water is the need of the decade as the existence of humanity has been threatened due to the consumption of impure and unclean water. The process through which biological contaminants, gases, suspended solids, and unwanted chemicals are removed from water is called water purification. The advanced technology of the 21st century has equipped humankind with upgraded water purifiers which can assure wholly safe and healthy water to the society.

Is it safe to use water purifiers?

Water purifiers are the safest method of purifying water, but only when it is used appropriately. The chemicals which are used for cleaning water that is intended for consumption by human beings are mostly safe. 

Different methods of purifying water

There are several methods of cleaning water like sedimentation, filtration, and distillation. Some biological procedures, like biologically activated carbon, slowly operating sand filters, help in purifying water. The chemical systems like using electromagnetic radiation, chlorination, and flocculation are also used in water purification. These purification methods have been surpassed by the latest water purifiers, which are technologically advanced machinery and can be installed both at home and in public and professional places. There also exist portable water purifying tablets that can be used when someone is traveling, trekking, or is away from his comfort zone.

Which purifier is better, UV or RO?

The two common types of technologically advanced purifiers are RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier and UV water purifier. RO water purifiers are considered better than the UV water purifiers as they provide a higher level of purified water. However, the UV purifiers have several filtration forms as the UV is known to eradicate viruses and bacteria.

Choosing among the two

One of the significant issues which evolve concerning these two purifiers; relates to, choosing among the two purifiers. The primary factor for selecting a specific type of purifier is the water quality in your locality. When the water consists more ions, it is better to choose RO water purifiers. Kent Ro purifier is a better option in this regard as it consists of TDS (Total Dissolved Salt) embedded within it. However, if the water contains a lower level of minerals, then selecting a UV water purifier is a reliable decision. 

The best UV water purifiers

The market these days are flooded with the best UV water purifiers and selecting the most suitable one is a challenging and tedious job for the customers. Since there exist a surge of marketing strategies related to selling of these water purifiers. It becomes extremely vital to possess in-depth knowledge about the leading purifiers so that one can choose it easily.

Some of the best UV water purifiers for home are:

  • KENT MAXX UV+ UF WATER PURIFIER: This is considered as the most technically innovative and advanced water purifier. Which has been successful in satisfying the demands of its consumers to a great extent? The water purifier consists of a transparent and detachable tank that can be easily cleaned. This serves as the vital alluring factor of this purifier. As the mechanism involves dual UV and UF purification methods; the customers are assured 100{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} healthy, tasty, and pure drinking water.  It even contains a unique computerized alarm system that sends signals to the customers about changing of UV lamps or filters.

The product leads the market since these unique features are available at quite a friendly price which adds as an extra benefit.

EUREKA FORBES AQUASURE AQUAFLO UV WATER PURIFIER: The Company’s tagline “Your friend for life” has stood by its words. The Aquasure  Aquaflo purifier comprises dual cartridge which eliminates the harmful suspended contaminants. and the odor and organic compounds from water so that the consumers can get tasty, healthy, and clean water for consumption.

These purifiers are also reasonably priced, and customers can quickly gain access to it.

  • EUREKA FORBES AQUAGUARD CRYSTAL PLUS UV: This water purifier has an elegant structure and stunning European blended walls with silver outlook. This is hugely in demand and can easily enhance the look of your kitchen. This also possesses a unique electronic monitoring unit so that the malfunctioning of the UV lamps can be detected. This purifier has voltage stabilizer and automatic shut off mechanism. It even possesses the backflush technology which ensures the elimination of stagnant water so that the filters can remain clean.

This purifier is, however, a bit overpriced as compared to the earlier purifiers.

  • LIVPURE GLITZ 7L UV WATER PURIFIER: This is a well-known brand that provides the best water purifiers at the best prices for home and office purposes. The most alluring feature of this purifier is its elegant and sleek structured cartridge which can be easily changed without the help of professionals. It has four staged purification method and can supply 60 liters of water per hour.

This purifier is very reasonably priced.

These water purifiers are thus widely accepted and can help society to remain safe from water-borne diseases. Hence, they are highly recommended.